Collaboration with Aristo Public School

Mental well-being of children and adolescents has become a vital topic for awareness considering the impact it has on the well-being of the society. Children and Adolescents are the citizens of the future and early detection of mental health issues can positively impact the management of the issue. 

Child Guidance Clinic conducts Counselling Programs at Aristo Public School, Cuddalore by Mr. Rajkumar (Psychologist), Ms. Ektha Jain (Psychologist) accompanied by Ms. Abirami (Social Worker). The program focuses on Mental Health of school children. It is part of an ongoing collaboration. We conduct sessions at the school on the 3rd Saturday of every month since July 2018. The agenda of the sessions has been promoting and creating awareness on student mental health, promoting social, emotional, intellectual success in students. Our Clinical Psychologists also focus on adolescent issues such as student substance abuse, school bullying, coping with Exam-stress, interpersonal relationships with parents, teachers and family. The session is conducted through PowerPoint presentations, interactive activities, role play, story narrations and discussions.