APPLY FOR 2023 – 2024



The fine arts club of the student council, MGMCRI, conducted an art and painting competition on 6th of May,2022. The competition was conducted for all the undergraduate batches in lecture 2 in the college block from 4:30 to 6:30 pm. The event was conducted under the guidance of Vice principal, Dr Padmavathi S.

We had 3 judges Dr Kannan, Dr Sandeep and Dr.Aparna from the department of General Surgery. We had a total of 35 participants. The topic was given on spot. The topic given to them was “Their first memory in college “. They were allowed to surf for 10 minutes. Later on 2hours duration was provided to complete their artwork. Students came up with their own creativity. Everyone showed active participation. Judging was arranged on 10th May 2022 in the General Surgery department where all the 3 Judges gathered and gave us their results. Certificates were given for top 4 eateries and one entry with special mention.

Prize winners:
First place -Shruthi K (1901001158)
Second place – Ranjini Raghavan(2101001167)
Third place -Sopeya (2101001204)
Fourth place -Aditi Saha (2101001015)