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Creativita 2022 ( Fine Arts Club Intracollege Fest)

The Fine arts club conducted Creativita, an Intra college inter house fine arts competition from 27th June to July 2nd 2022. Copy cat which was held on 27th June marked the beginning of Creativita week with 118 participants in total. The event went well and participants seemed to have enjoyed drawing.
28th June 2022 – we had two events – Pencil sketching and bottle painting from 4:30 -6:30 and 6:30 – 8:30pm respectively. Pencil sketching – the topic was given on spot and 10 mins time was given for them to surf for ideas. The topics given were buildings and monuments and illustrations after a rainy day. For Bottle painting we had 5 participants from each house. We provided the participants with empty glass bottles upon which they painted. On 29th June we had a tshirt painting. The event went on well with 56 participants. 30th June we had Cooking without fire – each house had 5 pairs and a total of 30 pairs contested. Judges found it really hard to judge as everyone came with innovative dishes. 1st July we had a bag painting event for faculty from 2-4pm for wish we the fine arts secretaries were the judges. We were so happy as Dean sir, Vp mam and many other facilities actively participated. Followed by make-up and hairstyling and mehandi for the students. The event was really good and everyone enjoyed trying their level best to be the best makeup artist. 2nd July 2022 – we had bag painting. We wrapped up the entire week of creativita with bag painting. The entire week was a great success.

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