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Flash Mob for MBBS students at MGMCRI

While there is a growing interest in the field of music therapy as a complementary medicine among budding medical professionals and students studying medicine, there is a lack of clarity as to what are the exact benefits of music in medicine and also about the music therapy process. In an innovative attempt to subject the medical students to a music therapy intervention flash mobs were conducted as a part of the 4th Anniversary celebrations on 09.01.2015.  The aim of the flash mobs also is to create awareness about the therapeutic properties of music experienced through unexpected and sudden participative music performances during the class hours. Flash mobs as a music therapy intervention increase concentration, improve focus and reduce levels of personal stress and also improve other cognitive functions by stimulating the brain.  The CMTER team under the guidance of Ms. Priyanka Dixit, Lecturer performed flash mobs to the students of MBBS, MGMCRI through rhythmic improvisations using percussion instruments. The team also engaged the students to improvise rhythmically during the flash mobs.