APPLY FOR 2023 – 2024


For the Love Of Reading (Book Exchange Program)

The L and D club , student council,MGMCRI, conducted a book exchange program called “For the love of reading” to promote reading among students, faculties and PGs. The event was conducted in lecture hall 2 and 3 from 4:00- 5:30 pm on April 7th 2022. The event was presided by our dean Dr. Seetesh Ghose and our Vice Principal student affairs Dr. Padmavathi Shanmuganathan who began the book exchange program.

There was a total of 82 books that were contributed by students, faculties and PGs to this program in the drop boxes that were placed in front of the dean’s office. The event began at 4:00pm and was attended by students of the 2021 batch and faculty. Our Dean Professor Seetesh Ghose talked about the importance of reading and how cultivating the healthy habit of reading was essential. He shared his many experiences about reading books and how he absolutely enjoyed reading and motivated the students to take up reading. Our Vice Principal student affairs Professor, Padmavathi Shanmuganathan addressed the students and enlightened the students about the world book day which is on April 23rd. They kindled the minds of the students and left them all eager to participate in this event.

The students and faculty perused through the displayed books and all picked out books which they wished to read. They then registered their names in the log book. The event was attended by many other faculties who further motivated the students and asked them to actively share their views on the books and to have an open discussion so as to gain the maximum from this event. The participants were then informed that books would have to be returned back into the drop box on the 15th of April after which they would be returned to the respective owners following which we could have discussion about their opinions on the book they read. The event came to a very smooth end at 5:30 pm.