APPLY FOR 2023 – 2024



After reopening of college in offline mode, the secretaries of Literary and Debate Club conducted L&D week called Ilakkiya. The events were conducted in lecture hall 6 from 30th August till 8th September.

Pictionary was organized on 30-08-21. The Winners of the event were

1st place – Anjali and Shrishti, 2nd place -Naumanshu and Ankita and 3rd place – Ram & Bilva

Taboo was conducted on31-08-21. The Winners of the event were

1st place- Karan and Vedang, 2nd place-Shreya and Namitha, 3rd place- Rahul and Abhishek

Shipwreck was conducted on 01-09-21. The Winners of this event were

1st place – Namanshu, Sujitha, Jaikishan, 2nd place -Jaivignesh and Somasundaram

3rd place – Pranav and Aryan

Block & Tackle was conducted on 02-09-21. The winners of this event were

1st place- Vedang, 2nd place-Vamsshi and Adavit, 3rd place- Sushmitha & Sujitha

Jam held on 03-09-21. The winners of this competition were

1st place – Sujitha, 2nd place -Karan & 3rd place- Vamshi

Channel Surfing was conducted on 06-09-21. The winners of this competition were

1st place – Vedang, Smithirupa, Manoj

2nd place – Jaikishan, Sujitha, Kethar, Shivram

3rd place – Raagesh, Anandh, Jai & Vishnu, Bharath, Kalyan

Poetry Slam was conducted on 04-09-21. The winners of the event were

Hindi: 1st place – Abhishek, 2nd place- Sugandha singh

English: 1st place- Dipna, 2nd place- Sameer, Ankita

Tamil: 1st place- Alen Rinisha, Ramya 2nd place- Parthasarathy

Dumb charades was conducted on 07-09-21 AND 08-09-21

The Winners of dumb charades were:

1st place- Anjali, Shrishti and Atharv, 2nd place- Venmugil, Vivek and Lathangi

3rd place- Shathikaa, Sowmiya and Sangameshwaran

Writing Events was conducted on 30- 08 -21 to 10-09-21

The Winners of creative writing were

1st place- Shantanu deshmukh, 2nd place- Karan Nandrajog & 3rd place- Ankita

Flash fiction: 1st place- Shantanu deshmukh, 2nd place- Rajasekhar & 3rd place- Shrinidhi

Haiku: 1st place- Moumita Basak, 2nd place- Abhinav & 3rd place- Riyansha