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Finding a cure is our goal, spreading awareness plays a role!!!

We have a situation in our hands! An issue that needs to get solved. A common illness that searches for a cure- CANCER.

MIDASICON 2015, organized by Association of Surgeons of India, Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry chapter is a conglomerate of Surgeons from far and near, stalwarts and novices in an attempt to join hands in our attempt to fight the Deadly Disease.

The two day intellectual extravaganza, had held at MGMCRI which comprised of a series of Lectures, case discussions and panel discussions on day 1 and a live operative Workshop on day 2.

“Surgiquiz”, a quiz competition for the post graduates and delegates and a “poster “competition added more charm to the 2 day fest.

Lectures were delivered by experts in the field of oncology and aiming to spread the awareness amongst doctors of tomorrow about the need for the correct approach and the need to catch it early. The awareness about such a common illness still seems lacking among the general population at large. This intellectual transfer of experience and expertise from the doyens of surgery to the novice will in turn benefit the population and make our fight against cancer – Stronger.

The Live operative workshop focused not only on learning the correct surgical techniques but also on the novel Minimally Invasive Techniques to cure common surgical ailments. While focusing on the new, we can’t let go of the “Gold Standard” and time tested techniques of open surgery too. The workshop also aimed to project the blend of science and technology and open surgery in Breast Cancer.

During the two day fest on the 7th of March, there was only a single feeling in the airs of MGMCRI…

TIME to THRIVE… Cancer must Die!!!

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