National FDP Program On Effective Teaching in Clinical Setting – Tips And Tricks

This FDP was being organized as a part of National FDP programs organized by the Centre for Health Professions Education. This event was aimed at clinical teachers and post graduates. It was a 24 hours FDP spread over 3 days with

Online sessions  – 2 hours  / day

Self-directed learning 5 hours / day

Pre and Post Test 1 hour / day

Total Duration of FDP – 24 hours

The participants were contacted through email and soft copy of brochures sent to the colleges in South India and MEU groups. Their registrations were collected through email and WhatsApp group created. The reading materials sent by the faculty were shared with them and Zoom link that was created for three days was shared. Pretest and Posttest was shared. All the three days the delegates were requested to do online Self-directed learning for 5 hours on the shared material. The speakers spoke in the afternoon and meaningful discussion was made. Questions raised by the audience were collected and shared with speakers and they were happy to answer the queries. One speaker used Zoom technology for breakout rooms in online similar to small group discussion and this was collated at the end.