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On the occasion of National Mentor Day, the Scientific Committee, Student Council in collaboration with Mentor Mentee committee had organized Mentor Mentee Day on 28th of October for UG students.
Various events such as Dumb C, Pictionary and GuessWho were conducted. The faculty along with
their mentee took parts in the events.
There was also a talk given by Dr Umadevi.S , department of Microbiology on the topic
“Metamorphosis of a Teacher to a Mentor “
Rules for the event :
1) Dumb charades
• 2 members per team (mentor and mentee)
• One person will act it out and the other one will guess
• You are allowed to split the word.
• Mouthing of words, miming of letters or pointing to objects will result in immediate disqualification.
• Moderator’s decision will be final.
• Each right answer will fetch you points and you will have negative points for every skip made.
• Time limit for each team is 1 minute.
• You cannot change language in between.
• Each time can choose one out of 3 languages (English/Tamil / Hindi)
2) Pictionary
• 2 members per team (mentor and mentee)
• One person will draw and the other will guess the word.
• You are allowed to split the word.
• Each team will be given two minutes.
• 10 words per team
3) Guess who
• 2 members per team (mentor and mentee).
• The name of a famous personality will be given.
• The teammate has to find the person by asking leading questions to the other teammate.
• The respondent can only answer yes or no.
• A maximum of 5 questions can be asked.
 Mentor has NO restrictions to enrol. The mentor can enrol for the fun activities with one or all of his/her mentees. Mentor can choose different activities with different mentee.

Participants of the event:
A total of 10 teams took part in Dum charade, 8 teams in Pictionary and 3 teams in Guess Who
Winner of the event:
Dumb C
• Dr Padmavathi and Venumugal
• Dr Archana and Brito
• Dr Vigneshwaran and Mithra
Guess Who
• Dr Kalaivani and Sameer
• Dr Nalani and Abhinav
They were given bags which were hand painted by the students during Creativita, a fine arts event.