APPLY FOR 2023 – 2024



The Photography Club (Student Council 2021-22) conducted a photography competition called ‘Photography Rush’ on the 27th of April 2022. This was aimed at all undergraduate and postgraduate students. It was conducted in Lecture hall 4 from 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm. The event was presided over by our Dean Dr Seetesh Ghose and Vice Principal of Student Affairs Dr Padmavathi Shanmuganathan
We had a total of 31 participants assembled in Lecture hall 4 by 4:30 pm. Instruction and the topic ‘Light and Shadows’ were revealed to them. They were given one hour time from 5:00pm to 6:00pm to go around the campus and click a picture based on the topic after which they had to come back to the Lecture hall and submit the photo along with a description and their details. We also had the huge support of our fellow mate Balasubramani A and our technical secretary Anurag Teegala. The event was wrapped up by 6:30 pm.
The photos were evaluated by an external judge Mr Vasanth, under the guidance of Dr Dinesh Rajasekar, Assistant Professor, General Surgery, MGMCRI. The results were announced during the MedBee contest conducted by the Scientific Club of the Student Council on 13th May 2022 by our Vice Principal of Student Affairs Dr. Padmavathi Shanmuganathan, Dr Uma Narayanamurthy, Assistant Professor of Pharmacology and Dr Prabavathy, Assistant Professor of Pathology. We had 4 winners and they were awarded cash prizes.

Winners list:
First place- Pavan Reddy (2101001153)
Second place- Srivadhanam K (2101001217)
Third place- Thiru Bala Vignesh (190100181)
Varna Prabanjitha (190100183)