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Swachhata Hi Seva -2018

Daily Swachhata Pledge:
The staff and students of Mahatma Gandhi Medical College and Research Institute took the Swachhata Pledge every day from 20th September to 28th September, vowing to protect their homes and their environment and promising to contribute in every possible way to keep the nation clean and green.
On 20/9/2018, more than 100 student volunteers from the student’s council, the NSS and the Eco Club had volunteered to clean the college campus. They were outfitted with personal protective wear- disposable gloves and masks, brooms and waste collecting bags to collect waste. The students were divided into small groups and assigned areas of the campus, to efficiently cover as much space as possible. The college building, college entrance, the college and hospital parking lots, the area around the college library were covered. Students were instructed to pick up waste material and sweep the area. The volunteers were instructed to reassemble near the college entrance after their designated area was deemed clean. All the students were guided by Dr Satvinder Singh Bakshi, Associate professor, Dept. Of ENT  throughout the cleaning activity.
After reporting to the faculty in-charge, photos were taken to record the work done. The students carefully discarded their used gloves and masks and were also provided with liquid soap for hand-washing. The waste material collected was disposed of in the hospital waste collection area, from where it would be taken to municipal waste collection centres.
All hospitals and colleges produce a large amount of disposable paper waste that can be reused. It is hence a very useful task, then, to audit and collect all the material hence generated in our institution. On 21/09/2018 around 50 student volunteers were assembled outside the college entrance and divided into small groups to cover various departments. Students were instructed to talk to maintenance staff, as well as the heads of department, and to ascertain material that could be used for recycling. After consulting with the concerned personnel, an exhaustive list of all paper material that could be recycled was made.
Around 1000kg of paper waste was audited and collected from all of the departments in the hospital. The waste was then segregated and taken to local recycling centres.  A list of material collected is attached to this report.
A swachhata awareness rally was held by the students of MGMCRI on 24.09.2018 more than 200 students assembled near the Kirumampakkam junction of Pondy-Cuddalore Main Road, along with the Chief Guest Mr G. Savoundirarajan- the Bahour Commune Panchayat Commissioner and Dr Partha Nandi, Vice Principal, MGMCRI. The students carried placards with slogans and illustrations promoting cleanliness. The students walked through the Kirumampakkam village, chanting slogans in both Tamil and English, to the MGMCRI campus. Some of the slogans are: “Let’s take a vow not to litter.”, “Clean and green is our perfect dream.”
People were engaged by the rally and some even joined in and repeated the slogans. we were able to spread messages about general cleanliness, promote the use of toilets and encouraged proper waste management to fulfil Mahatma Gandhiji’s dream of a clean India. We hoped to inspire more people to follow us and join our march on the path to a ‘Swacch Bharat’.  At the end of the rally was ended in the college campus and followed by the thanking by  the DR.M.RAVISHANKAR, DEAN, MGMC&RI.
Essay Writing Contest:
An intra-college essay writing competition was conducted on 25/09/2018 and as many as more than 50 students participated from all the batches together. Topics (Clean and Green India: My Dream and Making Clean and Green Living More Accessible and Sustainable) were given and the participants were asked to write on any one of the topics and they were given a total of 90 minutes during which the participants put on their thinking caps and penned down their thoughts and views on the given topics.
Dr Uma A.N judged the essays and picked the top 3 outstanding essays.
An innovative event under the name Wealth out of Waste was organized on the 26th of September, in order to recycle the collected waste during the cleaning of the college campus. In which the participants would try to make anything useful out of discarded waste materials.  There were around 80 students participating as 40 teams, all of them trying to making the most out of the waste materials given to them. They were given 90 minutes to bring out their creativity. The participants showed remarkable talent and Dr Rajkummar Patil and Dr Vishnu Kumar judged the event and picked the top 7 creations (One first place, and 2 each at the second, third and fourth positions).
The painting competition on the (28/09/2018) for the “SWACHHATA HI SEVA” was extended to an intercollege level, and as many as more 100 students  from 5 different colleges– Mahatma Gandhi Medical College and Research Institute, Indira Gandhi Institute of Dental Sciences, Rajiv Gandhi College of Engineering and Technology, Kasthurba Gandhi Nursing College and Sabari College of Nursing, participated and brought colour to the topic Clean and Green India. The participants were given 90 minutes and the event was started in the presence of DR.PARTHANANDI, vice Principal, MGMC&RI. The paintings were  judged by Dr. Jenith Berlin Raj and Dr. Rajkumar Patil and the top 3 paintings were awarded prizes.
FELICITATION AND ENDING CERMONY OF “SWACHHATA HI SEVA”: This ceremony was held to recapitulate all of the events conducted as a part of the “SWACCHTHA HI SEVA” -2018, to commemorate the events and to award prizes to the winners of various events conducted. Students from the sister institutions: Indira Gandhi Institute of Dental Sciences, Rajiv Gandhi College of Engineering and Technology, Kasthurba Gandhi Nursing College and Sabari College of Nursing were present for the ceremony, along with the following dignitaries : chief guest  of the event was Prof.S.C.PARIJA , VICE CHANCELLOR , SBV UNIVERSITY , Prof.N.ANANTHAKRISHNAN , Dean – Research and Allied Health Sciences , MGMCRI and Prof.M.RAVISHANKAR, DEAN , MGMCRI  . The event commenced with the taking of the SWACHHTHA HI SEVA pledge by the dignitaries and the students. A presentation recapitulated all of the events conducted under the SWACHHATA HI SEVA CAMPAIGN: a cleaning drive, an waste audit, a rally, and three competitions (intra college essay , wealth out of waste and inter-college painting competition ) . The prize winners of the essay writing competition, the painting competition and the ‘Wealth out of Waste’ competition were awarded certificates and trophies.
Felicitation of best Staff members throughout the program were given to   Mrs. Ramaiya and Mr. Ezhumalai were honoured with trophies for their most enthusiastic participation and contribution to the campaign. The students were then addressed by the dignitaries, commended for their hard work and extensive participation, and the importance of clean living was reiterated and emphasised. The overall event was co-ordinated and it was a grand successful under the guidance of the DR.PARTHA NANDI – VICE PRINCIPAL STUDENTS , MGMC&RI ., DR.JENITH BERLIN RAJ ,professor-department of physiology , DR.SATVINDER SINGH BAKSHI , Associate Professor-Department of ENT and Head and Neck surgery ,.Dr.SUREKHA , Assistant Professor, Department of Community Medicine .