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Talentia 2019 Report

Talentia 2019 is the annual intracollege festival conducted by the students of MGMCRI. With activities ranging from sports, cultural, fine arts, music, and literary and debating events, there is something for everyone to participate in and showcase their talents. Education should encompass holistic development and during this intracollege festival, students get to showcase their talents in a much-needed break from routine academia. It was conducted from the 2nd to the 16th of March after college hours in the college campus. Students from the first years to final years were randomly shuffled into houses which were color-coded: Yellow, Green, Blue, Red, Brown& Purple, to foster healthy competition. Students compete to win points to ultimately secure the house cup as the toppers of the scoreboard.


Sports events inaugurated and kicked off Talentia on the 2nd of March. With multiple sports matches going on, there was ample entertainment for spectators and a wide variety of opportunities for those inclined to athleticism to shine in. Major sports events conducted were Cricket, Basketball, Volleyball, Throwball, Tennis and Table Tennis. Other sports events, no less entertaining, that were conducted were Athletics and Track events, Super Six and Futsal. Students even had to an opportunity to show off their aiming and accuracy in Carrom matches and could have a battle of wits in the Chess Tournament that was conducted. Prize distribution for the winners of the sports competitions was held on the 5th of April.


For dancers and those musically oriented, cultural events were conducted from the 7th of March to the 16th of March. Creative events like Adzap and Variety Show allowed students to let their creativity flow. Students could showcase their mastery of vocals, rhythms and beats, both Traditional and Modern in Solo and Duet Singing Competitions. The solo dance competition was also conducted. Duet and Group Dancing Competitions took place on the main stage to an incredibly appreciative audience. The Talentia Fashion Show and competition also saw the students from the various houses show off their take on the latest trends and ideas, and showcase their creative take on being the best dressed.


Artists from the various houses could participate in Fine Arts events which were conducted between the 4th of March and the 12th of March. Pencil Sketching, Cartooning, Copycat: there was something for every artist and every style. Students could even showcase their mastery of the art of makeup in Mehendi, Nail Art, and Hairstyling Competitions. Foodies also had their time In the limelight in the Eatathon competitions and avid amateur chefs could showcase their ability to cook simple but delicious meals in No Fire Cooking.


Writers, debaters, and poets participated in L&D events conducted from the 4th of March to the 12th of March. Writers and poets showcased their skills in constructing metaphors, rhymes, and plots in Haiku Writing, Creative Writing, and Flash Fiction. Other events tested the students’ knowledge of pop culture, current events, movies and TV shows- Pictionary, Just a Minute, Shipwreck, Fandom Trivia and Dumb Charades. A Debating Competition was also held, with multiple rounds, with teams from each house facing off against each other.


After two weeks of intense competition between the houses, the following results emerged: Brown House won the trophy for the most points scored in both the L&D and Culturals categories. Purple House secured the most points in Fine Arts Events and Red House, in Sports Events. The Overall Trophy for the Best Performance in Talentia 2019 went to Blue House. Certificates and trophies were distributed on the main stage on the 16th of March.