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TELESCOPE INTO THE FUTURE – Elocution competition

The L and D club of MGMCRI conducted an elocution competition called “Telescope into the future” on the topic ‘Role of doctors in the society and their impact’, for the students of the batch of 2021 as a part of their foundation course. The event was conducted in lecture hall 6 from 3:00- 4:00 pm on 4th March 2022. The event was presided by the Dean Dr. Seetesh Ghose and Vice Principal Student Affairs Dr. Padmavathi Shanmuganathan. The event was judged by 3 esteemed judges, Dr Uma A.N Principal i/c of Allied health sciences and the coordinator of the L and D club, Dr Richa Gupta Professor in the department of Physiology Dr. Santhosh kumari, Associate professor in the department of Biochemistry. There were 14 participants who took part in this event and they were scored based on introduction of the topic, depiction of the main theme, language and pronunciation, presenting style and time management. The event began at 3:00 pm and the participants were very enthusiastic and shared their extensively researched and amazing views. The judges then shared their opinions on the views shared by our participants and congratulated them for their efforts and for participating in the event. Dean and Vice Principal also shared their views on the subject and further enlightened the audience. The judges then announced the winners of the event,

Ms. Ranjani Raghavan secured the 1st place,

Ms. Adithi Aravind secured the 2nd place and

Ms. Srinhithi S secured the 3rdplace

The event came to an end at 4:00 pm.