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World AIDS Day 2021

WORLD AIDS DAY 2021 Program was conducted at RURAL HEALTH CENTER ARANGANUR by our Community Medicine department in collaboration with Department of DVL, Department of Marketing and Outreach activities, Yoga therapy and Music therapy. The program was conducted on Dec 1, 2021 displaying the theme of END INEQUALITY, END AIDS, END PANDEMICS in the presence of Deputy Medical Superintendent Dr. Swati Jayant Pawar and Head of The Department (CM) Dr. Abhijit V Boratne and with the help of 2 MSW (Mr. CHANDRASEKAR and Mr. Buhari). The Resource persons gathered at the venue by 9:45am and beneficiaries assembled by 10:00am.

Dr.Sahithyaa J (ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR) gave an introductory speech  about The World Aids Day Program. Dr Udaykumar R (PG DVL) briefed about Transmission, Prevention and Management of AIDS and quizzed the audience on the same. Yoga therapist then talked about the importance and benefits of yoga by teaching the audience various breathing exercises. The program was then taken over by Mr K Stephen Sathiamoorthy (Music Therapist) and his PGs who performed a theme song contributing to WORLD AIDS DAY 2021. Following which he provided a music therapy session to our beneficiaries to emphasize on the importance of music for relaxation. Sri Dhanushapnadeesh, Yoga therapist CYTER then talked about the importance and benefits of yoga and led the audience through various breathing exercises. Then Dr Sakthi Priyan (PG CM) talked about increasing severity of current pandemic COVID 19 and the importance of getting vaccinated. Finally, Dr. Sahithyaa (ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR) summarized the program and gave a vote of thanks. The Program ended by around 12:00 PM. Total number of beneficiaries = 30 people. The general public who availed the facilities were highly satisfied and gave a positive feedback on this services.