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World Hearing Day Celebration

The morning of 3rd March was marked with immense enthusiasm and flare as the ENT department of Mahatma Gandhi Medical College & RI Pondicherry was ready to spread the message of WORLD HEARING DAY 2020. The day started with over 150 undergraduate students and nursing students along with the faculty and postgraduates of ENT Department, joined hands to conduct a hearing awareness rally at the Rural Health Centre of MGMCRI. The rally was flagged off by  Mr Rahul Alwal, Senior Superintendent of Police, Pondicherry and under the guidance of Head of Department Prof Dr P Karthikeyan the rally was successfully conducted at the Aranganur village. Banners, placards, posters & slogans were displayed in a “silent rally”,circulating the message of ‘significance of hearing’ amongst the rural population while portraying the unique idea of ‘Anti-noise rally’. The grand rally was superseded by a free health camp at the rural health centre, catering free ear examination along with audiometry to evaluate and alleviate the hearing problems in the rural population. Children from Sathya Special School were assessed for any hearing problems or ear diseases and treatment was provided. A Radio programme in association with All India Radio aired showcasing the importance of hearing and ear care keeping the Theme 2020 “Hearing for Life – Don’t let hearing loss limit you” in mind. Through the radio show, people from all spheres of life were facilitated to ask their doubts about hearing and ear care which were justly clarified by Prof P Karthikeyan. Thus with the alliance of UG Students, Dept Of ENT, Paramedical staff and the family of MGMCRI, the event of world hearing day 2020 was a huge success.