Mahatma Gandhi Medical College and Research Institute (MGMCRI)

A constituent college of

Sri Balaji Vidyapeeth (SBV), PUDUCHERRY


Counselling Services

Student Counseling System with dedicated counselors is available for effective management of problems and challenges faced by the students. Frequent feedback and surveys are taken among the students to monitor their mental health and to address problems like anxiety, stress, fear of change or failure, homesickness, and academic worries.


Students in Need of Additional Psychological Support - (SNAPS)

Further, a mental health and well-being program for 1st-year students is conducted with the aim of identifying those who may need extra care or attention and to help students realize their potential during their course in this institute.  This is being done as a part of the general health checkup program for students. Some of these students may benefit from formal and structured mental health services.

The goal is to provide basic awareness about mental health & stress management, and to identify “Students in Need of Additional Psychological Support” (SNAPS). The program is, to an extent, based on the concept of salutogenesis. The connection between psychological well-being & academic performance is also highlighted. The information generated is used in the best interest of the students, with due emphasis on confidentiality and sensitive handling of data. 

Following this regular screening is done and performance is monitored and necessary counselling is given to the students.