MGMARI proudly hosts a highly qualified and experienced group of scientific staff who have excellent track records in teaching and research.

Our Scientific staff conducts independent and collaborative R&Ds in different areas of biomedical research. The staff also undertake teaching duties at the School of Biological Sciences, conduct training and high-impact workshops.

Scientific Staff

Dr. G. Ramakrishnan

M.Phil, Ph.D.
Test Facility In-charge

GLP – Toxicology Studies, Exploratory Pharmacology/ Disease models

Dr. E. Regha

Veterinary Pathologist

Toxicologic Pathology, Clinical Pathology, Genetic Toxicity Studies

Mr. S. Suresh Kumar

Research Associate

Antibody Production, Zebrafish Toxicity & Behaviour Studies, Cell Based Assays.

Dr. Rakesh Sarma M

M.Sc., Ph.D
Research Associate

Clinical Microbiology, Zebra fish facility research & services.

Dr. Lavanya .R

Animal Welfare Officer

Breeding and Maintenance,
Surgery and follow-up.
Diagnosis and Treatment in Veterinary care

Ms. Suriya.N

Test Item Control Officer

GLP- Test Item Control – Procurement, Process and Delivery
Regulatory studies, Quality Assurance, Documentation.

Mr. Jaikrishnan. J


GLP – Archive and Document Control