MGMPRC is established as a centre of excellence complying with OECD, GLP regulatory guidelines for toxicology and safety assessment, exploratory pharmacology offering services in India and across the globe. MGMPRC provides comprehensive CRO services or on Sponsors recommendations for Preclinical studies using laboratory test systems viz. Rat, Mouse, Rabbit and Zebrafish.

What we offer


Toxicity Studies

Eco toxicity Studies

Customized Acute and Repeat Exposure Toxicity Studies

Subchronic toxicity tests & chronic effects tests can be customized
by the sponsor and conducted as per Regulatory guidelines.

Routes of Administration

All standard routes of administration are supported. Other routes of administration are supported for custom protocols and depending on the study requirements.

Clinical Pathology

Pathology Studies

Gross pathology



Pharmacology/Disease model

We offer integrated in vitro and in vivo solutions for safety and efficacy of your industrial and R&D products.

Our Products

In accordance with regulatory principles, we are able to perform all the characteristics determined in accordance with the standard methods and regulatory guidelines.



Industrial Chemicals

Cosmetic Products

Feed Additives