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NAAC Data Portal - 2020

Criterion I – Curricular Aspects

1.2 Academic Flexibility
1.2.1 Percentage of Programmes in which Choice-Based Credit System (CBCS)/Elective course system has been implemented, wherever provision was made by the Regulatory Bodies (Data for the preceding academic year). Total number of Programmes where there is regulatory provision for CBCS – elective course system Number of Programmes in which CBCS/ Elective course system was implemented.
  • Names of all Programmes adopting CBCS
  • Names of all Programmes adopting elective course system
  • Minutes of relevant Academic Council/BoS meetings
  • Institutional data in prescribed format (Data Template)
  • University letter stating implementation of CBCS by the institution
  • Structure of the program clearly indicating courses, credits/Electives as approved by the competent board
  • Any other relevant information