APPLY FOR 2023 – 2024


NAAC Data Portal - 2020

Criterion II – Teaching-Learning and Evaluation

2.3 Teaching - Learning Process
2.3.2 Has provision for the use of Clinical Skills Laboratory and Simulation Based Learning
The Institution:
  • Has Basic Clinical Skills Training Models and Trainers for clinical skills in the relevant disciplines
  • Has advanced patient simulators for simulation-based training
  • Has structured programs for training and assessment of students in Clinical Skills Lab / Simulation centre
  • Conducts training programs for the faculty in the use of clinical skills lab and simulation methods of teaching-learning
  • Geotagged photographs of  clinical skills lab facilities, clinical skills models, patients simulators
  • List of training programmes conducted in the facilities during the last 5 years
  • List of clinical skills training models
  • Proof of Establishment of Clinical Skill Laboratories
  • Proof of patient simulators for simulation-based training
  • Report on training programmes in Clinical skill lab/simulator Centre
  • Any other relevant information