APPLY FOR 2023 – 2024


NAAC Data Portal - 2020

Criterion IV – Infrastructure and Learning Resources

4.3 Library as a Learning Resource
4.3.2 Total number of books and reference volumes as well as collection of ancient books, manuscripts, Digitalized traditional manuscripts, Discipline-specific learning resources from ancient Indian languages, special reports or any other knowledge resource for library enrichment especially with reference to traditional systems of medicines
Provide details of the number of text books, reference volumes and as well as the collection of ancient books, manuscripts etc. in the library within 500 words
Data Requirements for last five years:
  • List of text books and reference volumes in the acquisition list of the library
  • List of ancient books/ manuscripts etc., in the library
  • Names of the publishers
  • Names of the authors
  • Number of copies
  • Year of publication
Provide weblink to :
  • Library acquisition data
  • Any other relevant information