PhD Public VIVA-VOCE Examination

Date and TimeName of the CandidateName and Designation of the GuideTitle of the ThesisDisciplineVenue
08-12-2O18 (Saturday) 11:00 A.M.Mr.Glad Mohesh M.L. (SBD 129561)Dr.Sundaramurthy A,
Professor &. Head, Department of Pulmonary
“Cardiac and Respiratory changes in Tobacco Users”Physiology, (Faculty of Medicine)MEU Seminar Hall,  MGMCRI
24-01-2018 (Wednesday) 11:30 a.mMr. Hemanth Kommuru, SBD 11951Prof. Swayam Jothi, HOD, Dept. of Anatomy, SSSMCRI, SBVThe Study of Lymphoid Tissue in AppendixAnatomy, (Faculty of Medicine)MEU, MGMCRI
11-01-2018 (Thursday) 11:30 A.M.Mr. Rajesh, SBD 10953Dr. Dhananjay S. Kotasthane, HOD, Pathology, MGMCRI, SBVThe Effect of mucuna Pruriens seed extract on Streptozotocin induced diabetic rats – A Biomedical,
Histological and Histomorphic Study on liver and pancreas
Anatomy, (Faculty of Medicine)MEU, MGMCRI
O4-12-2017 (Monday) 02.00 P.M.Mr. SUNIL KUMAR JADA, SBD 11971Dr. Karthika JayaKumar, Head, Department of Microbiology, SSSMCRI, SBV.A Study of prevalence and diagnosis of Neurocysticercosis in the suburbs of Kanchipuram
District, Tamil Nadu.
Microbiology, (Faculty of Medicine)Ground Floor Lecture Hall, MGMCRI
19-08-2017 (Saturday) 10.00 A.M.Mr. VASANTHAN S, SBD 11956Dr.Madan Mohan, Former Head, Department of Physiology, MGMCRI, SBV.The Comparative Study of Effect of Yogic Relaxing Pranayams and Asanas on Heart Rate
Variability and Perceived Stress in Healthy Young Volunteers.
Physiology, (Faculty of Medicine)Ground Floor Lecture Hall, MGMCRI
07-23-2016 10:30 a.m.Ms. Sridevi G. (SBD 12957)Dr. Sembulingam K, Vice-Principal & Professor of Physiology, Madha Medical College and Research Institute, Chennai.Effects of Pergularia Daemia on noise induced changes in Albino Rats.PhysiologyGround Floor Lecture Hall, MGMCRI
01-27-2016 10:30 a.m.Dr. N. MugunthanDr. J. Anbalagan, Professor, Dept. of Anatomy, MGMCRIEffects of chronic exposure of ultrahigh frequency radiation emitted from 2G and 3G cell phone on brain, liver, kidney, gonads of mice – A histological, biochemical and SDS page technique.AnatomyGround Floor Lecture Hall, MGMCRI
01-25-2016 10:30 a.m.Ms. KandhakumariDr. S. Selvaraj Stephen, Professor, Dept. of Microbiology, MGMCRIDiagnosis of Extra-pulmonary Tuberculosis employing conventional and some new diagnostic tools on microbiological samples in a tertiary care hospitalMicrobiologyGround Floor Lecture Hall, MGMCRI
12-28-2015 10:30 a.m.Ms. Mary HydrinaDr. J. Anbalagan, Professor, Dept of Anatomy, SBVEffect of Ultrahigh frequency radiation emitted from 2G and 3G cell phone on the developing tissues of chick embryos – a histological studyAnatomyGround Floor Lecture Hall, MGMCRI
12-22-2015 10:30 a.m.Ms. A.N. UmaDr.Dhananjay Shrikant Kotasthane, HOD, Pathology, MGMCRI, SBVThe study of Histopathology and the role of Chromosomal alterations in Etiopathogensis of Premalignant lesions and Squamous cell Carcinoma of oral cavityInterdisciplinary Research (Faculty of Allied Health Sciences)Ground Floor Lecture Hall, MGMCRI