APPLY FOR 2023 – 2024


21st Century Health Professionals
International Interprofessional Educators Symposium

The second day of the Program entitled “21st Century Health Professionals International Interprofessional Educators Symposium” started with SBV anthem, IHRC theme song, Video clipping of SBV, Messages of Chancellor and Vice-Chancellor. This was followed by the welcome address by Prof. K.A. Narayan, Director, Institute of Health Professions Education. Dr. Annie Sheeba introduces the chief-guests. This was followed by the lecture, Strategies to make the shift to self-directed learning was given by Prof. Anshu. Lecture on Choice Based Credit System and Academic Bank of Credits was given by Prof. S. Kuppuswami. Lecture on Continuous Work Place Based Teaching and Assessment for ensuring desired outcomes was given by Prof. N. Ananthakrishnan. Followed by these, lecture on Competencies of relevance to 21st Century Health Professionals was given by Prof. K. R. Sethuraman. Post lunch session had an E-Poster Presentation on Educational Innovations chaired by Prof. M. Shivasakthy, Deputy Director, IHPE.

The parameters of all the accreditation bodies and the National Education Policy are focused towards the needs of 21st century learners and the changes to be adapted in the academic institutions. This program sensitizes the faculty members and the administrators on the key areas of change and the directions to move ahead. The symposium added expertise to the faculty members on how to align themselves for the changing trends in health professions education following the implementation of competency-based curriculum and National Education Policy for training the 21st century learners. The participants of the symposium were oriented to align with 21st century learner’s competencies, workplace based teaching and assessment, choice-based credit system and how to orient students for self-directed learning.