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Copyright Sensitization Program for Designated Centres and Faculty of AHS, SBV

A copyright sensitization program was organized for faculty, research scholars and postgraduates students of all the designated Centres of SBV and Faculty of AHS under the guidance of the SBV Committee for Filing Copyright. The event was held at the ThirumoolarAvai in the CYTER premises of I Block on 10 May 2019.

Prof. S.C. Parija, Vice-Chancellor of SBV inaugurated the full day program and motivated all participants with an exemplary special address that resulted in a standing ovation from all members. It was an amazing talk by him that enthused each and every member who committed themselves to give the best for SBV. Participants and resource persons were from CYTER, CMTER, CHPE, KGNC, and Dr. AN Uma, Vice Principal AHS and Dr. MangaiyarkarasiRavirajan, Senior Scientist of CIDRF graced the event.

Dr. AB Bhavanani, Director CYTER welcomed the gathering and presented the rationale behind the event that is the brainchild of our honorable vice chancellor.

Following the special address by the vice-chancellor, Prof. A. R. Srinivasan, Registrar, SBV, gave an “Overview of the Sensitization Programme” that was followed by Prof BV Adkoli, Director CHPE who discussed in his inimitable manner the “Overview of the Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)”.

Prof.Bhavanani explained about “Introduction and Copyrightable Subject Matter & Benefits of Copyright” and then Prof.SumathySundar, Director, CMTER shared on “Turning Ideas/Concepts into copyright”.  This was followed by a detailed presentation by Mrs. K Jayanthi, Assistant Prof of KGNC who discussed the topic “How to write a Copyright Proposal”.

In the post-lunch session Mrs. Bhuvaneshwari Ramesh, Tutor at CMTER gave a lucid presentation on the topic “Tools for Copyright searching and search strategy”. This was followed by an interactive session by Dr. MeenaRamanathan, Deputy Director, CYTER, who focused on the entire “Copyright filing procedure” in detail. The last session was by Dr. Ananda who gave an overview of the benefits and methods of “Commercialization of Copyright”.

The day-long program then concluded with a Group Exercise – Sharing Ideas and Concepts for Copyright filing with all 21 participants discussing their ideas with Dr. Ananda, Dr. MeenaRamanathan and Mrs. Bhuvaneshwai Ramesh as the facilitators.

The 3-day workshop on copyrights for the designated centers and AHS will be held on 20-22nd May at the Bapuji Central library under guidance of Prof K Renuka, Principal KGNC.