Obstructive sleep apnoea syndrome (OSAS) is a growing public health problem worldwide, that requires urgent attention. State of the art research has illuminated the multifactorial etiology of the disease. OSAS can be considered a condition characterized by repetitive upper airway obstruction leading to sleep fragmentation, cardiovascular stimulation, and oxygen desaturation during sleep. The recent analysis of the epidemiology of OSAS has suggested the prevalence of OSAS is approximately 5%.

This  IASSACON 2018, 6th National conference of surgeons of sleep apnoea helped the Otorhinolaryngologist, Pulmonologist, Anaesthesiologist, Neurologists and maxillofacial surgeon to infer a proper holistic diagnostic and management protocol for patients with OSAS. The theme of IASSACON 2018 is “Roaring Snore – Partners Sore”.

The conference was scheduled to run over a period of 3 days, including live surgical demonstrations, instructional courses, symposia, lectures, orations and panel discussions, involving eminent faculty from around the world and within India. The scientific sessions are aimed to benefit Otorhinolaryngologist, Pulmonologist, Anaesthesiologist, Neurologists and maxillofacial surgeon involved in the treatment of sleep apnoea. Over 280 delegates have attended the conference.