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National Faculty development Programme on Medical laboratory-IA & QMS As per ISO 15189

This Faculty Development Program(FDP) was organized by Department of Pathology SSSMCRI  in association with Centre for Health Professions Education(CHPE). Department of Pathology,SSSMCRI was the Organizing Coordinator for this FDP event. The Title of the FDP was “Medical Laboratory- Internal Audit and Quality Management System As Per ISO 15189”. The target audience were Medical faculties of Pathology, Microbiology and Biochemistry Department . Technicians of the respective departments.

The main objective of this FDP was

(i) To Understand the importance of Laboratory Accreditation,

(ii)International;Perspective and Quality system for laboratories.

(iii)Understand the criteria, interpretation and requirements of Accreditation,

(iv)Knowledge about types of internal audit and how to conduct an Internal Audit.

 It was planned and scheduled on 3rd  June to  5th  June 2020 from 9.00 Am to 5 PM. All the objectives were reached by  conducting  online sessions,Pretest, Exercise( Self Directed Learning),Post session test, Session evaluation forms & Programme evaluation forms through google forms which covered all the aspects of Medical Laboratory- Internal Audit and Quality Management System As Per ISO 15189.  All the topics were effectively handled by experts from respective fields in the form of interactive online session with Polling, exercises and enough questioner sessions. Out of 3 External  speakers, one  speaker Dr. Jatinder Bhatia,Pathologist, 360 Director from Noida, Health Profession Learning Proctocols (HELP), Lead Assessor-15189 and remaining  two  were from Raja Rajeshwari Medical College and Hospital, Bangalore.  The speakers  Dr. Vamseedhar Annam is a ISO 15189 Assessor, NABH Internal Councellor, Bangalore and Dr. Prakash R is a ISO 15189 Assessor, NABH Assessor [entry level], Kayakalpa, Government District Hospital[External Assessor],Bangalore. A total of 243 participants were registered and attended the event. Participant list includes medical faculties of pathology, microbiology and biochemistry department, postgraduates and  technicians of various institutes, hospitals across India. Additionally we received 4 international participants. All the participants provided very good feedback about the event and its conduct.