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The Guest lecture on the topic “Robotic Surgery – The present & future” was
organized by the Department of General Surgery, Shri Sathya Sai Medical College and Research
Institute, on 30th April 2019. This was inaugurated by the Dean, SSSMCRI, and Medical
Dr. Srivathsan, Fellow in robotic euro – oncology, delivered the guest lecture. In his
talk, he highlighted that robotics may seem like the obvious future of surgery, but it should be
noted that the prohibitive cost and the relatively few experts in the field make that possibility
still a distant dream. The advantage of robotics lies in the maneuverability of the operating
limb and its ability to access and perform complex procedures in difficult to access areas like
the pelvis. It is without a doubt superior to any other form of surgery when it comes to certain
urological surgeries in the pelvis.  The Da Vinci robot which is the only commercially
available robot in the world presently will lose its patency royalties in a few years throwing
open robotics to the market. Various companies have already invested millions into robotics
research and it is our hope that competition will drive prices down making robotics available
to the common man as well.
This was attended by around 100 UG students and 20 PGs of various departments. The guest
the lecture was well received