APPLY FOR 2023 – 2024


Webinar on: Design thinking of Digital Women

The online webinar was organised by the Women Empowerment Committee, School of Pharmacy at BC Roy Hall at SBV Campus with participants from both internal and external institutions. The keynote speaker is Dr. M. P. Poongulale, a passionate Assistant Professor& Psychologist, working in the Department of Business Administration, at VET Institute of Arts & Science College, Thindal, Erode. Dr. M. P. Poongulale discussed the process of Design Thinking which is a problem-solving approach and approaches of designers to develop innovative ideas, processes and business models to fuel growth and innovation. She discussed about brainstorming solutions for an issue which is a hypothesis-driven approach which provided a valuable opportunity for students, researchers and academicians to learn about identifying an opportunity, making plans, identifying insights, developing brainstorming concepts to face a situation on three major steps such as understand, explore and materialize.