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 APPLY FOR 2023 – 2024


SBV Publication Committee

OBJECTIVES:- The SBV Publications Committee shall be wholly responsible for the quality of all publications and shall continue to provide the necessary directives in order to review the Deemed University ’s print and electronic publications, including journals, books,  monographs news, educational and all other related publications. It shall also take due cognizance to oversee general editorial policy, endeavour in strategic planning and development of the SBV’s current and future publications, recommend suitably and also work with partners in future, as deemed appropriate. The SBV Publication Committee would also initiate publication focused task forces and advocate sub-committees, as deemed necessary by the committee from time to time. The details including the composition of the Committee are enumerated below.

Following is the composition of the SBV Publication Committee:-


Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor, Sri Balaji Vidyapeeth

Chief Coordinator

Editor-in-Chief, The Chronicle ( Dr.A.N.Uma)


Deputy Director, Centre For Health Professions Education ( Dr.M.Shivasakthy)



  • Dean (Research), SBV ( Prof.N.Ananthakrishnan)
  • Principal, Indira Gandhi Institute of Dental Sciences (Prof. R.Saravanakumar)
  • Principal, Kasturba Gandhi Nursing College ( Prof. K.Renuka)
  • Director, Central Inter-Disciplinary Research Facility (Prof. C.Adithan)
  • Director, Center for Music Therapy Education and Research ( Prof. Sumathy Sundar)
  • Director, Center for Yoga Therapy, Education and Research ( Prof. Ananda Balayogi Bhavanani)
  • Coordinator, IQAC ( Prof. R.Pajanivel)
  • Deputy Medical Superintendent at the main campus, namely MGMCRI  ( Dr.Swati Jayant Pawar)
  • Deputy Registrar (Academics)—Special Invitee, whenever needed (Mr. Joseph Naresh)


Vice-Principals (two)—one each from the Main campus and Off-Campus     (By rotation)

  • Partha Nandi, VP (SA), MGMCRI and
  • Saurabh Shrivastav, VP ( Curriculum), SSSMCRI

Two Professors (By rotation)—One each from main campus and Off-Campus

  • ( Prof. Syed Semmal Meresa, SSSMCRI   & Prof. P.Sumathy, KGNC )


Powers and Functions of SBV Publication Committee

  • To ensure the strategic development, and effective organization, such that it contributes to the overall goals of the deemed university.
  • To apprise the Patron of opportunities for publishing arising out of SBV activities.
  • To work in unison with all the departments of all the constituent colleges so that even a small scale programme gets documented as a monograph and is stored as a repository in the archives of SBV website.
  • To develop strategies to increase National & international distribution, visibility and impact.
  • To ensure that publications are cost effective.
  • All publications including the conferences, seminars, workshops, CMEs, CDEs, CNEs – proceedings & souvenirs should get the prior permission of the Patron before either going on with the hard or soft copy publication.
  • Assessing editorial quality and content of the publications at Sri Balaji Vidyapeeth, including the system of primary publications of books, journals, scientific communications, magazines, the official online newsletters, and miscellaneous publications.
  • Consulting with the editors of the publications concerning editorial policy & monitoring the developments.
  • Informing the Patron of the Editorial Committee’s activities from time to time.
  • The Publication Committee of SBV shall meet for a minimum of two times a year, to monitor the smooth conduct of all the SBV publication processes.
  • The Publication Committee is responsible for identifying opportunities for publishing authentic works derived from all the activities conducted at Sri Balaji Vidyapeeth.
  • The Committee may also facilitate in publishing the Books, Monographs by the faculty& staff & all the proceedings of Seminars, Workshops, CMEs, CDEs, CNEs, Conferences etc held at the constituent colleges & SBV centers.
  • Members may be co-opted to help manage the publication of materials in their areas of expertise.
  • Editorial functions and decisions rest with the concerned Editors of each SBV publication.

Tenure of SBV Publication Committee: Two Years (other than the Ex-Officio members). Maximum of two terms permissible

Quorum at the meetings: Eight Members