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We incorporate the MCI and SBV university curriculum into the postgraduate medical training, in which all students are expected to refer and utilize to guide them in achieving their academic goals, to become knowledgeable, ethical, professional and community-oriented physicians.


This document was prepared by various subject-content specialists to guide post-graduate training in Paediatrics. The purpose of this document is to provide teachers and learners with illustrative guidelines to achieve defined outcomes through learning and assessment.


The curriculum elaborates the knowledge, basic skills, and attitudes in the subject which students require to become a competent professional.

Entrustable Professional Activity

Entrustable Professional Activity or “EPA” describes a measurable activity or task that requires specialized knowledge and skills, incorporating multiple competencies. They are ‘critical activities’ in the professional life of physicians agreed upon by the speciality community that must be assessed and approved overtime, in the ongoing creation and training of the postgraduate. The faculty of the department, work with the students and along with multisource feedback, assist the student in attaining their milestones appropriately. The EPA system objectively assesses the domains required by the student and allow the teacher to identify areas of strength and weakness of the individual, thereby having a tailor-made the approach of learning for each student.


The e-portfolio represents the student on a professional, social media platform which includes a collection of one’s own digital artefacts articulating experiences of professional and academic achievements and learning. All postgraduates are expected to create and maintain an e-portfolio, throughout their academic tenure. Using the e-portfolio has shown to develop metacognitive skills through a standard- based activity. The e-portfolio consists of a digital, interactive log of the day to day activities of the student with regular monitoring and interaction by the authorized departmental and administrative faculty. This online monitoring through the portfolio authenticates the activities documented by the postgraduate, in actual time, permanently engraving the student’s entire academic experience online. The e-portfolio will be available to each alumnus even beyond their graduation. It represents an authentic permanent, collective compilation of the student’s work which can be used as part of an application process for employment or education beyond the course.