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Hospital gets upgraded facilities worth ₹15 crore

The Mahatma Gandhi Medical College and Research Institute (MGMCRI) has carried out a ₹15-crore upgrade of its diagnostic and interventional facilities.

The new installations at the MGMCRI, which is a constituent of the Sri Balaji Vidyapeeth, include a diagnostic central laboratory, liver transplant clinic, cardiac catheterisation laboratory and the MRI scan facility.

P. Rajavelu, Deputy Speaker, U. Lakshmikandhan, MLA, M.K. Rajagopalan, Chancellor and S.C. Parija, SBV Vice Chancellor, S.R. Rao, Vice President – Research, Seetesh Ghose, Dean, MGMCRI, and Nirmal Coumare, Medical Superintendent, MGMCRI, were among those present.

According to a press note, the advanced diagnostic laboratory has been designed to cater to advancement in diagnostics, including molecular diagnostics.

The laboratory is in compliance with the quality parameters set to optimal bench marks, synonymous with high standards of diagnostics.

The salient feature is that the equipment are seamlessly integrated into hospital information system which decreases the turnaround time of the reports, besides enhancing the accuracy of the reports.

The Liver Clinic is another step forward in the transplantation programme which was approved by the Health Ministry, a couple of years ago. The clinic would list patients with chronic liver failure to undergo transplantation either from live or deceased donor. MGMCRI hospital aims at performing subsidised transplant services for the needy.

At the Cardiac Catheterisation Laboratory, the 1.5 Tesla MRI scan facility has been upgraded into state-of-the-art simaging sservices, strengthening the diagnostic procedures in radiology.

The upgraded facilities will benefit the patient community, especially the underprivileged, in Puducherry and adjoining areas, said Dr. Parija.

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