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Shri sathya sai college of nursing

A constituent college of

Sri Balaji Vidyapeeth (SBV), PUDUCHERRY

Nursing Education Unit (NEU)


NEU was established with a mission to provide opportunities to update trends in Nursing Education, to collaborate with experts rendering this task of empowering nurse educators and students. NEU aims to conduct various Educational Programmes to prepare Nurse Educators to fulfil the needs and demands of the current student society. NEU frequently organizes Activities to enlighten the teaching-learning and evaluation process. Nursing Education Unit is a facility devoted entirely for Nursing Faculty and students by a consistent group of experts who update with emerging technology in the nursing profession.


The nursing education unit aims to conduct various educational programs to enhance the quality of nurse educators to fulfill the needs and demands of society. Teaching, patient care, and research are the cornerstones of the nursing profession. NEU acts as a center for continued education for nurse educators and students. In order to support faculty and students in enhancing their professional skills, the NEU has been conducting faculty and students developmental activities. It helps to develop a strong educational bond between faculty and students and also builds an individual’s knowledge and practices in nursing education. NEU also opens up emerging research opportunities for faculty members and students. NEU is an innovative education developed to address the current issues and challenges in nursing education and to upgrade the nursing professionals in the teaching and learning process to meet the needs of society.


  • To update the knowledge in recent advancements in Nursing.
  • To refresh and review the existing knowledge.
  •  To enhance and uplift the professional status of the staff members.
  •  To motivate critical thinking and decision-making capacity among staff members.
  •  To develop job potentials and improve the quality of nursing in education, practice, and research.
  •  To strengthen the knowledge, skills, and attitude in innovative practices of the nursing profession.
  •  To disseminate the standards, policies, and protocols introduced in the institution.


  • Provide educational activities for all faculty members and students.
  • Fill up the gap between theory and practice.
  • Develop the ability for efficient working and the capacity for continuous learning.
  • Increase the competency of health care personnel.
  • Improve the health care delivery system.
  • Keep abreast with emerging technologies in the nursing profession.
  • Promote personal and professional growth outside of formal education.
  • Improve the performance and communication ability of the staff
  • Help to meet the learning needs of employees.
  • Expand the professional horizons and keep them abreast of developments.
  • Facilitate problem-solving approach.

Committee Members

Dr. P.Jayanthi
Ms. Golda Sahaya Rani
Ms. Emy Jancy Rani
Mr. Dinesh