CIDRF has a unique infrastructure with a class 1000, 10,000 and 1,00,000 clean rooms used as
  1. Molecular biology facility
  2. Cell Culture Facility
  3. Microbiology Facility
  4. Imaging Facility
  5. Analytical Facility
  6. Preparative Facility
  7. Walk-in Cold Room
  8. Storage Facility
CIDRF - Fumehood

Fume Hood

Gel Elecrophoresis

Inverted Phase Contrast Microscope


Hypoxia Enabled CO2 Incubator

Ultrapure Water System (ELGA)

UV Spectrometer (Multi Mode Reader)

Gel Documentation System

BSL-II Biosafety Cabinet

Light Microscope

-20 Degrees Freezer

High Speed Centrifuge

Thermocycler (Conventional)

PAGE and Western Blotting

BSL-III Biosafety Cabinet

Water Jacketed CO2 Incubator

-80 degrees freezer

Walk-in Cold Room

Liquid Nitrogen Storage

Marine Algae Repository



CIDRF - pH Meter

pH Meter

Weighing Balance

Gel Rocker


Consumable Storage Cabinet

Shaking Micro Incubator

Chemical Storage Cabinet

Water Bath

Conical Flask Shaker

Dry Bath Incubator

Hot Plate


Solvent Storage Cabinet


High Performance Liquid Chromatography