14th Annual State Conference


Guidelines for Paper & Poster Presentation

Dear faculty and postgraduates,

  • The organising team of ISACON Puducherry 2023 invites you to submit your research work for the scientific paper and poster sessions to be conducted during the conference.
  • There will be a preliminary online presentation in the second week of September and the podium presentation of the best five papers and posters selected on the afternoon of October 1, 2023.

Rules & Regulations

  1. Only ISA members are eligible to present papers and posters.
  2. Conference registration is mandatory for paper/ poster presentations.
  3. All authors in the paper must be ISA members except for non-anaesthesiologists.
  4. The first author should only be the presenting author.
  5. A maximum of four authors are allowed for paper/poster.
  6. Abstract of Papers and posters should be submitted by midnight on August 31, 2023. Submissions must be on time to be accepted.
  7. The abstract should be limited to 250 words.
  8. The abstract should be structured for original articles, containing the sections’ background/introduction, materials and methods, results, discussion and conclusion.
  9. For case reports and case series, the abstract should be in the form of an introduction, case report and discussion and, if possible conclusion.
  10. Papers should not have been published or accepted for publication in any journal or have been presented at any conference as on the presenting date in the meeting.
  11. The scientific committee will review all abstracts, and the final decision of allowing the presentation at the conference by the committee is binding.
  12. The acceptance of the paper for presentation will be sent to the first author after one week after the last date for submission of the abstracts.
  13. The presentation schedule and Zoom link will be shared tentatively by September 11th, 2023.
  14. Authors can upload multiple papers for different sessions.
  15. Authors must mention their email address and phone number for communication.
  16. Abstracts stating “data will be discussed in the presentation” will not be accepted.
  17. Dissertations with sample size completion greater than 50 % can be submitted as free papers.
  18. Puducherry postgraduates’ best papers and posters must be presented on “ Research Day”, to be conducted in the second week of September at the IGMCRI auditorium for nomination to the national conference.
  19. Nomination to “ ISA Ludhiana Best Poster National Award and Travelling Grants” for Puducherry postgraduates will only be from research papers presented as posters.
  20. For any queries regarding poster and paper presentation – Contact Dr Sanjeev – Mobile 9150066571/ WhatsApp 9489566571

General Guidelines for Papers and e-Posters

  1. The slide should contain the logo of ISA apart from their institutional logo. No other logo is allowed in the slides.
  2. The time limit is 8 minutes for the presentation and 2 minutes for assessment by the judges.
  3. The time limit should be followed strictly.

Paper presentation

The presentation should include the prescribed format for that category, such as introduction, methods, results, discussion, conclusion, references, etc.

E – poster presentation

Title of the Poster

  • It is recommended to keep the poster’s title as in the submitted abstract. A slight modification which does not change the idea of the abstract is also allowed.

Poster size and format

  • The poster must be submitted in PDF format.
  • It is recommended to make your poster in PowerPoint (Landscape or Portrait) and then save it as a PDF before submission.

Use these dimension guidelines in your software: 
Orientation: Landscape
Slide size:

Landscape    36” high x 48” wide (Go to “Design” option in PowerPoint > Select “Slide Size” > Select “Custom Size” > Select 36” high x 48” wide > Select “Maximize fit”; the last option available in recent versions of PowerPoint)
Title: 80 pts, bolded
Author & affiliations: 40-50pts
Headings: 54-60 pts
Body Text: 32-40 pts
References: 16-18 pts
Figures: Should be of high definition

GIF images can be included in E – posters