Uniqueness of the Programme

Music Therapy is a growing allied health care profession in India and in an innovative move to step forward from Illness to Wellness and treating the patients as a whole instead of just the symptoms under integrative medicine with music therapy as a complementary medicine, CMTER dedicates itself to advance and establish music therapy as an innovative component in the modern and evidence-based practice of medicine in India. CMTER actively works to

  • integrate music therapy into routine patient care
  • set high standards for music therapy education in clinical environment and also
  • engage in high quality scientific research that would facilitate the evidence-based application of music therapy
There is a very good scope of professionally qualified music therapists finding placements in hospitals, special education and rehabilitation settings and NGOs working on disabilities and assisted living. The university has developed the first professional Post Graduate Diploma Program and the Master’s degree in Medical Music Therapy program through Center for Music Therapy Education and Research, in a pioneering effort to prepare aspiring music therapists in the country. The major highlight of the programs is adoption of Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) recommended by the NAAC and UGC.

A Salutogenic Focus to Health

SBV through CMTER has established new ways of thinking about what health is with a salutogenic focus in modern medical practice by integrating music therapy services and has explored the integration of the  Western Science with Eastern Philosophies of music. This  is a transformation in new health care delivery system to empower the patients to heal themselves and seek health and well-being and not think only terms of any disease or illness


SBV has been pioneers in India introducing music therapy into routine patient care under the ambit of alternative and complementary medicine since 2010. CMTER initiated training in a clinical environment, simultaneously fostering high-quality research with state-of-the-art facilities to facilitate the evidence-based application of music therapy. Our programs have reached noticeable heights globally and we have entered into overseas collaborations with global experts in music therapy and have proved that music therapy has a place in restoring health and wellness

Shri. M. K. Rajagopalan

Founder Chairman and Chancellor

The Music Therapy Center of SBV has been making significant strides with their best-practiced models and research with global perspectives, at the same time integrating ancient wisdom and traditions creating a revolution in health care.  The progress made by the center has paved way for not only establishing the regular medical care with the holistic approach of treating the patients with an objective adjuvant therapeutics but also has brought to the forefront the science behind Indian traditions and cultural healing practices

Prof. Subash Chandra Parija

Vice Chancellor


CMTER – Jan 2018 Activities

Prof. Gerhard Tucek, Head of Institute Therapeutic Sciences, J. Ressel Center for Personalized Music Therapy Research, The IMC University of Applied Sciences, Krems, Austria delivered

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