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Center for Music Therapy Education and Research (CMTER)

A Center of

Sri Balaji Vidyapeeth (SBV), puducherry


The following research clusters were formed from CMTER in collaboration with CIDRF and they operate to encourage all faculty and students of Sri Balaji Vidyapeeth to work collaboratively and engage in high-quality music therapy research.

  1. Traditional Music Healing Practices
    • Aim: To objectify and create evidence for traditional healing practices to be integrated in clinical practice
  2. Collaborations and Patient Outcomes
    • Aim: to encourage and strengthen evidence by interdisciplinary collaborations to improve Quality of Life and Patient Outcomes
  3. Community Health and Well-being
    • Aim: to create awareness and serve families and communities with music as a cultural resource and defense for health
  4. Mind-Body Medicine
    • Aim: to foster high-quality music therapy research on the influence of music on autoregulation, psychoneuroimmunology, and psycho-neuroendocrinology.
  5. Education and Professional Training
    • Aim: to help students and faculty to learn and practice music therapy skills and to prepare them for teaching and research opportunities and make them global players


    • Effect of Music Therapy on the Oxidative Stress and Hormonal Markers of Breastmilk Secretion in Mothers undergoing Elective Caesarean Section: A Randomised Controlled Trial.  Bhuvaneswari Ramesh, Dr.Sumathy Sundar, Dr Seetesh Ghose and Dr Anitha T S
    • Effect of Adjunctive Music Listening Intervention on Craving and Withdrawal Symptoms in Patients with Alcohol Dependence. Rajkumar S, Dr Sumathy Sundar, Dr B Sivaprakash and Dr B V Adkoli
    • A Study on the Effect of Music Therapy on Clinical Severity of Patients with Eczema of the Skin. J Jenitha Caren Rajakumari, Dr Sumathy Sundar, Dr S. Krishnan and Dr Sukanto Sarkar

Completed Research Projects (29)


  • Evaluation of Maternal and Fetal Health with Music Therapy In- Utero. Dr.Sumathy Sundar,  Dr.Seetesh Ghose, Dr. Balanehru Subramanian
  • Effect of Music, Imagery and Relaxation Training on Pain and Psycho-Physiological Parameters in Patients Posted for Percutaneous Coronary Interventions. Sumathy Sundar, Dr.Amirthaganesh, Dr.Maria Montserrat Gimeno, Dr. B. Sivaprakash,  Dr. Vellore A R Srinivasan and Bhuvaneswari Ramesh
  • Does Distraction and Active Focus of Attention with Music Enhance Patient’s Comfort under Regional Anaesthesia: A Randomized Controlled Trial. V R Hemanth Kumar,  Dr. M Ravishankar, Dr. Sumathy Sundar; Dr. Balanehru Subramanian Dr. Vellore A.R. Srinivasan, Dr. B. Sivaprakash
  • Effect of Music Therapy On Fatigue And Anxiety Levels Of Patients Undergoing Haemodialysis Procedure. Shobana Jaiganesh, Dr. Sumathy Sundar, Dr. R. Hemachandar
  • Vestibular Stimulation and Indian Hammock Versus Music Therapy in Prevention and Management of Infantile Colic in Term Infants: A Prospective Open Labeled Randomized Controlled Trial. S Ravikumar, Dr D. Gunasekaran, Dr. Srinivasa Raghavan and Dr. Sumathy Sundar
  • Effect of Music Therapy as an Adjunct Pulmonary Rehabilitative Intervention on Patients diagnosed with COPD. Manasi Anil Joshi, Dr. Sumathy Sundar and Dr. K Surendra Menon
  • Effects of Music Therapy on the Cognitive Functions, Anxiety & Depressive Symptoms of Patients receiving Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT). Jarvis K Varghese, Dr. Sumathy Sundar and Sukanto Sarkar
  • Effects of Music Therapy on the Psycho-Physiological Parameters of Patients undergoing Open Heart Surgery Anasuya Ravikanti, Dr. Sumathy Sundar and Dr. B.Amirthaganesh
  • A Study on the Effect of Music Therapy on the State Anxiety and the Patients’ Perception of an Upper GI endoscopy. Vikram Kannan, Sumathy Sundar and Dr. Sajeeth Manikanda Prabu
  • Effect of Music Listening on Hemodynamic Changes During Application of Erich’s Arch Bar: A Randomized Control Trial. Dr.R Rajkumar, Dr. V Yuvaraj and Dr.Sumathy Sundar


  • Effect of Music Therapy on Anxiety, Emotional Responses and Tolerability Levels of Patients Posted for MRI Procedure. S. Prashanthi, Sumathy Sundar, Dr. B R Nagaraj, Dr. B. Sivaprakash
  • A Comparative Study of the Effect of Music and Yoga Interventions on Physiological and Psychological Parameters in Patients Posted for Angiogram. Samay Ajmera, Dr Sumathy Sundar, Dr.B. Amirthaganesh, Dr. Ananda Balayogi Bhavanani and G. Dayanidy
  • Effect of Music on the Initiation of Lactation and Maternal Breastfeeding Satisfaction Levels. Bhuvaneswari Ramesh, Dr.Sumathy Sundar, Dr. Seetesh Ghose, Dr. Gunasekaran D and Dr.B Sivaprakash
  • Effects of Culture-Based Chants on Labour pain during the Latent Stage of Labour in Primigravidae Mothers: A Randomized Controlled Trial. Bhuvaneswari Ramesh, Dr. Sumathy Sundar and Dr.Sunitha Samal
  • Effect of Music Listening on State Anxiety of Patients Undergoing Dermato-surgery Procedures under Local Anesthesia. Dr D.Divya,  Dr.S Ambujam, Dr. Sumathy Sundar;  Dr. B. Sivaprakash


  • The Effectiveness of Music and Mother’s Voice on Pain Reduction During Venepuncture in Neonates- A Randomized Control Trial. HaarikaVadlamudi,  Dr P Soundararajan, Dr Raja Ramalingam  and Dr.Sumathy Sundar
  • Music therapy as Group Singing Improves Geriatric Depression Scale Score and Loneliness in Institutionalized Geriatric Adults with Mild Depression: A Randomized Controlled Study. Divya Mathew, Dr.Sumathy Sundar and Dr. Easwaran Subramanian
  • Various Modalities in Treatment of Tinnitus- A Comparative Study. Dr. Shruthi Narayanam, Dr. V. Nirmal Coumare, Dr. P. Karthikeyan and Dr. Sumathy Sundar


  • Live Music Therapy as an Active Focus of Attention for Pain and Behavioral Symptoms of Distress during Pediatric ImmunizationSumathy Sundar, Dr.GunasekarD,  Bhuvaneswari Ramesh,  Priyanka Dixit and Dr. Prarthana Das
  • Live Music Therapy in Waiting Area of Intensive Care Units: A Novel Concept for Betterment of Close Relatives of ICU patients:  Dr.Sumathy Sundar, Bhuvaneswari Ramesh and Kala Varathan


  • Effect Of Relaxing Music on Blood Pressure and Heart Rate in Hospitalized Pre-Hypertensive Women in Third Trimester of Pregnancy: A Randomized Control Study Bhuvaneswari Ramesh, Dr.Sumathy Sundar and Dr. Anandaraj R
  • A Study On The Effects Of Music Therapy In Patients Posted For Upper Gastrointestinal Endoscopy. Dr.Sobana Jaiganesh, Dr. Sumathy Sundar and Priyanka Dixit


  • A Cross-Sectional Study on the Autonomic Modulations Produced by Music Listening in Anxious Medical Professionals. Sobana Jaiganesh and Dr.K Jaiganesh
  • Role of Rag Ahir Bhairav as Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) on Blood Pressure in Prehypertensive Adults Sobana Jaiganesh, Dr.K Jaiganesh and Dr.Bharathi P
  • Prognosis in music therapy intervention is associated with emotional intelligence. PI: Bharathi, Dr. Sobana Jaiganesh and Dr.K Jaiganesh
  • A Survey Of The Musical Preferences Of Young Adolescents Newly Admitted To The Medical School.  Sobana Jaiganesh, Dr.K Jaiganesh and Dr.Bharathi P
  • A study on the relationship of music therapy and personality traits of neuroticism and agreeableness. Dr.Sobana Jaiganesh, K Jaiganesh and Dr.Bharathi P


  • Effect of the Indian Raga Bageshri on the body temperature of cancer patients on chemotherapy.Bharathi P, Jaiganesh K, Sobana R, Parthasarathy S
  • Effect Of Rag Neelambari On Certain Physiological And Behavioral Parameters Of Preterm Infants. Dr.Sobana Jaiganesh, Dr.K Jaiganesh and Dr.Bharathi P