Mahatma Gandhi Medical College and Research Institute (MGMCRI)

A constituent college of

Sri Balaji Vidyapeeth (SBV), PUDUCHERRY




We are a part of a fellowship program in Ultrasound-guided Regional Anesthesia in association with the Anesthesia department by doing the cadaveric dissection.

MOKSHA Voluntary Body Donation


Body donation is a generous and unselfish act for those who wish to be useful to the living after death (let the “dead teaches the living”). The department of Anatomy has started the body donor registry since 2003. Many voluntary donors have registered; very few have donated their bodies after death. The institute has named the voluntary body donation program as MOKSHA and initiated delivering awareness program in Puducherry and Cuddalore (Tamil Nadu) during the early months of 2013.

To reach the village people we approached the N.G.O’s of Puducherry and Tamil Nadu such as Vasavi Club International, Rotary Club, Lions Club International, and Egai friend’s voluntary services. Under the full support and motivation from the hospital, management has kindly agreed to provide Master Health Checkup for all those who registered their name under MOKSHA once in a year free of charge and the family members of body donors shall be treated fully free of cost for any medical and surgical ailments. Every year on 15 th August Independence Day, the family members of MOKSHA body donor and all the voluntary members registered under MOKSHA scheme are felicitated and honoured for their noble gesture.

The Department of Anatomy is maintaining the Donor Registry. Once a voluntary donor gives his consent for VBDP, the registered individual will be issued a Donor Card –MOKSHA. The registration form for VBDP is available in the Anatomy Department and with Public Relation Officer. Till date, the Department of Anatomy has registered 150 voluntary body donors and 42 bodies have been received under this VBDP –MOKSHA.

Guidance to Slow Learner – Students Needing Additional Curricular Support (SNACS)

Extra care and guidance are given to slow learners/ low achievers by conducting extra evening classes to improve their performance. The main priority of this program is to ensure that the students succeed.

Student Teacher Guardian Services -(Mentor-Mentee Programme)

Students come from diverse background and experiences and the mentor gets to know each other on an individual basis. The mentor communicates more effectively with students as well as with the overall perception of their strengths and weaknesses. Mentor provides guidance, motivation, and emotional support to the students. They also help in fostering of student self-esteem.

Genetic Services for Patients

Diagnostic Work

  • KARYOTYPING FOR PATIENTS FOR ACADEMIC SIGNIFICANCE Normal male (46 XY), Normal female (46XX), Patau /Edward /Downs Syndrome (Trisomy 13/18/21),Turners female Mosaics (46XX / 45XO ), Turners male Mosaics (46XY/ 45XO) Male Pseudo Hermaphrodites (46 XY )Female Pseudo Hermaphrodites(46 XX) Chromosomal breakage Syndromes ( breaks , gaps etc.), Klinefelters (47XXY) Variant 21 chromosome and Acrocentrics associations & pericentromeric associations etc.
  • Genetic counselling
  • Barr body charting