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Yoga Therapy Programmes at CYTER

CYTER offers various Yoga Therapy programmes for interested students ranging from PG certificates to PhD level of training. As CYTER is part of a medical institution, extensive opportunities are provided for clinical experience and this in turn enhances the learning curve of our trainees.

The major highlight of the our programmes is the adoption of Choice-Based Credit System (CBCS) recommended by NAAC and UGC as a major reform in higher education. As a corollary to this system, a competency-based approach is adopted in these programmes that gives immense flexibility for learners to pursue diverse careers as Yoga therapists and enables the creation of a pool of trained Yoga therapists possessing requisite skills and competence to impart sound Yoga Therapy in different medical conditions.

This also provides ample opportunities for self-directed learning, guided by extensive mentoring, small group learning and reflective practice within the campus as well as in their workplaces. It provides a new career pathway synergizing capacity building in Yoga Therapy education that ultimately aims to create human resource capable of cutting-edge research into the field of Yoga Therapy as part of the WHO envisioned Traditional, Complementary and Integrative (TCI) Medicine.


PG Certificate Courses in Yoga Therapy

These courses are primarily offered for modern medical and AYUSH doctors, dental surgeons, nursing professionals, bachelor in physiotherapy, occupational therapy, PGDY, MA or MSc (Yoga /Yoga therapy) or equivalent certification in Yoga from institutions of repute with any bachelor degree.

PG certificate courses are designed to assist students to develop a broad understanding of the foundation of Yoga, Yoga Therapy as well as the applications of Yoga and clinical applications of Yoga Therapy in different medical conditions. It will enable them to obtain requisite skills to function independently as a Yoga therapist upon completion of the course.

CYTER offers four PG certificate courses:

  1. Certificate in Foundation of Yoga (CFY)
  2. Certificate in Foundations of Yoga Therapy (CFYT)
  3. Certificate in Applications of Yoga (CAY)
  4. Certificate in Clinical Applications of Yoga Therapy (CCAYT)

Students can pursue the Certificate Courses in Yoga Therapy of three months duration (total four courses of 6 Credit points, each), with options for exit after any course, thus obtaining a course completion certificate. (6 x 4 = 24 Credits). If interested, then the student may then appear for PGDYT comprehensive examination, based on the four courses of study (6 x 4 = 24 + 2Cr for portfolio = 26 Credits).

The course fee is Rs 4,000 for each course and if the candidate wishes to appear for PGDYT examinations, the fees will be as per university norms.

Those students who are unwilling/unable to take up the examinations can exit from the certificate programme with a respective certificate upon completing the requirements of attendance, internal assessment and assignments to the satisfaction of faculty-in-charge.

If they are unable to complete all certificate courses in the same year, they can complete them in subsequent years subject to a maximum of 3 years from joining the course.

PG Diploma in Yoga Therapy (PGDYT)

The PGDYT course is a 2-Semester, 26 credits course primarily offered for medical and paramedical professionals and Yoga instructors who wish to upgrade their skills in Yoga therapy. Course fee is Rs 20,000 while examinations fees will be as per university norms.

There are four theory papers: 1st semester having 2 papers in foundations of Yoga and foundations of Yoga chikitsa while 2nd semester has 2 papers on the application of Yoga in different fields and clinical applications of Yoga therapy.

The extensive practicum is offered in both semesters with training in Yogic techniques, applied aspects in different conditions, hands-on training in conducting sessions as well as clinical and research experience leading to the upgradation of presentation and research skills in Yoga therapy. Practical examination is conducted at the end of each semester.

In addition to the above, the student must complete their portfolio and upon passing all theory papers and practical examination in each of the semesters will be eligible for the award of PGDYT. If they have a Master’s degree (science graduates will be given preference), they will be eligible to join M Phil Programme in Yoga Therapy.

PhD in Yoga Therapy

Ph.D. in Yoga Therapy is offered as part of the SBV Ph.D. programmes and eligible candidates will be selected by the university through a written test and interview as per university norms. CYTER has two faculty members designated by SBV as eligible guides for Ph.D.