The Govt of India, Ministry of Health & FW is currently promoting indigenous systems of health in a strong manner through AYUSH. The limitations of modern medicine in managing stress-induced psychosomatic, chronic illnesses are the strength of Yoga and hence a holistic integration of both systems enables best quality of patient care. CYTER can be projected a nodal centre to train medical educators and administrators for setting up such integrative health centers in our country as we have the necessary infrastructurmanpower power. We can proudly state that it is only in the supportive and innovative milieu of Sri Balaji Vidyapeeth that the holistic art and science of Yoga, our cultural heritage, has been able to reach both the classes and the masses of our society optimally, effectively and holistically.

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The concept of complementary medicine is gaining significance in our day today therapeutical management. CYTER, SBV has been creating waves in the frontiers of academics, patient care, research and administration in the realms of Yoga. It's a privilege to state that SBV promotes health and wellness by embracing complementary medicine into the folds of modern, allopathic medicine.

Shri. M. K. Rajagopalan

Founder Chairman and Chancellor

CYTER is playing a pivotal role in generating scientific evidence for the benefits of yoga as a therapy. Best Practices of CYTER bears ample testimony to the qualitative and quantitative surge in the developmental activities contributed by CYTER in promulgating several visionary objectives of SBV.


Prof. Subhash Chandra Parija

Vice Chancellor


Modern medical advancements provide the rationale for the integration of various traditional healing techniques like Yoga to promote healing, health, and longevity. Thanks to the foresight of Chairman and management of SBVU and MGMCRI, CYTER was started on 1 November 2010 and was functioning adjacent to Blood bank in Hospital Block. Currently functioning in 1st floor, I block, adjacent to the main Hospital block, MGMCRI since December 2013.

“There are many centers where you can get a Yoga degree, attend a Yoga therapy session or find Yoga research being undertaken. However, to have all three happening in one place is surely innovative. This center is indeed a role-model that combines the best of the East with that of the West.”

Joseph le Page, founder- Integrative Yoga Therapy, USA

At CYTER we have an integrated set up where we are educating future Yoga therapists, simultaneously helping patients recover from illnesses and at the same time developing an understanding through scientific research.

Whereas Yoga is usually found in departments of Physical Education & Sports in most universities, we at CYTER have it in a medical institution thus enhancing the learning curve of our trainees as also enabling us to offer holistic therapeutic benefits for all patients in our hospital.

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