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The Centre for Yoga Therapy, Education and Research (CYTER) Ingauration at SSSMCRI

Yoga is described as a system of physical and mental practices originating from India that connects mind, body, and spirit with techniques such as physical exercises, breathing, and meditation to promote health and well-being. Yoga therapy is being used both in conjunction with modern medicine or alternative systems of medicine as well as on its own in various centers. Yoga therapy is a mind-body practice that focuses on your physical, emotional and mental health. The practice uses movement, mindfulness, meditation, relaxation and breathing exercises to help you relax, relieve stress and manage underlying conditions or symptoms in addition to treatment by a healthcare provider. Medical Yoga Therapy or “Yoga Chikitsa” is the dynamic state of physical and mental ease, coupled with spiritual well-being. Yoga helps one to develop a positive state of health by not only treating illness, but also helping one to understand the underlying causes of disease. Yoga is ancient practice of physical fitness and mental concentration but it now also part of therapy for curing several ailments. It is medically more helpful for treatment of blood pressure asthma, joints pains, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and depression, and also yoga therapy improves function of automatic system, which directly controls functions of al visceral organs of the body, such as lungs, heart, brain, liver, kidney, endocrine organs, intestine, spleen etc.
Yoga strengthens vagal tone that improves cardiovascular function, digestion, and metabolism. It improves insulin secretion. Thus yoga is used as in the management of diabetes hypertension and cardiac dysfunction. Yoga should be considered as a complementary therapy or alternative method for medical therapy in the treatment of stress, anxiety, depression, and other mood disorders as it has been shown to create a greater sense of well-being, increase feelings of relaxation, improve self-confidence and body image, improve etc.
In the hospital, it is common for patients to feel isolated, detachment, and disempowered throughout their treatment. By practicing yoga, patients can think about themselves and feel empowered on a daily basis. This helps patients shift from passive to active roles, which helps them heal physically and mentally.
Yoga as a physical therapy has been successfully applied in rehabilitation of patients with physical, mental and musculoskeletal disorders. In patients suffering from drug and substance abuse Yoga has been found to assist them to get back to a normal life by developing their self-control and will power and also offering them a new philosophy of living. Yogic concept of Mitahara-“eating medium quantity of agreeable foods produces health and wellbeing” has proven beneficial in treatment of dietary disorders.
Yoga has been a part of SBV since its inception and since 2010 the Centre for Yoga Therapy, Education and Research (CYTER) of Sri Balaji Vidyapeeth (SBV) has been promoting health in a holistic manner with a scientific research based approach through the University.. For that the Centre for Yoga Therapy, Education and Research (CYTER) started on 29.02.2024 at Shri sathya Sai Medical College and Research Institute Hospital SBV University, Chennai campus.
The main objectives of the Centre for Yoga Therapy, Education and Research (CYTER) enable patients, students and the staffs to have good health and practice mental hygiene. Dr. Joydeb Roychowdhury Dean of SSSMCRI was the guest of Honor and inaugurated the CYTER.
Dr. Sundarajan Head of the department of orthopedics, Dr. Thiyagarajan K.O.U Casulity Medical officer, and Dr. Sindhiya Aisstent professor of general medicine, will felicitate the function. The Medical Superintendent, Deputy Medical Superintendent & head of all departments, faculties and students and patients are joyfully participating the program.
Dr.L.Manivannan Director of Physical Education and Yoga to explain the importance of yoga to the all participants. The yoga therapist Mr. Raghav Rajauria conducted simple yoga session and say vote of thanks for the function.