List of Projects

Details of Completed Research Projects

S. No.Title of the ProjectPI and CO-PICollaborating Departments/ InstitutionsProject DurationGrants in INR (Lakhs)Name of the Funding Agency
1Prophylactic potential of the extract of the bark of Terminalia arjuna (Roxb.ex.Dc.) & Arn. in preventing osteoporosisDr. Balanehru Subramanian/ Dr.Veni.SNA310.32DBT
2Platelet associated molecular targets for inflammation, vascular integrity, thrombocytopenia and disease severity in dengue infectionDr. Agieshkumar BJIPMER32.75DBT
3Screening and characterization of potential larvicidal agents from marine plants against dengue vector mosquito Aedes aegypti (prevalent in Puducherry region)Dr. Agieshkumar BNA10.55Puducherry council of Science & Technology
4Role of oxidative stress in triggerring cataractogenesis- A case control study in Puducherry PopulationDr. Anitha TS/Dr.SrikanthOphthalmology, MGMCRI, SBV10.6Puducherry council of science & Technology
5To study the transcriptional control of CD147 expression in glioblastomas through cell linesDr. Pooja PrateeshNA3.524.15DBT
6Evaluation of CD147 as a potential target for cancer therapyMs. Preethi Sridharan / Dr. Pooja PrateeshNA416.03DST
7Salivary Protein (S) biomarker identification for Breast Cancer: A non-invasive approach uisng proteomicsDr. Muthukumar S / Dr. Balanehru SubramanianNA218.7SERB
8Small animal research facility for preclinical studies and servicesDr. Balanehru Subramanian / Dr. Agiesh Kumar.B / Dr.Veni.SNA5410.39DBT

Ongoing Research Projects

S. No.Title of the ProjectPI and CO-PICollaborating Departments / InstitutionsProject DurationGrants in INR (Lakhs)Name of the Funding Agency
1International Research Center of Nucleic Acid Chemistry for Developing Methods to Regulate Gene Expression Using Non-canonical Structure of Nucleic AcidsDr. Sudipta BhowmikSlovenia: National Institute of Chemistry; UK: University of Reading;
USA: Carnegie Mellon University
510 million
JSPS, Japan
2A pilot preclinical Study on namomedicine based protein replacement therapy for Retinoschisis, an inherited retinal degenerative DiseaseDr. Jayamurugan Pandian /Dr. Srikanth / Dr. AnithaOphthalmology MGMCRI, SBV345.18SERB
3Repurposing Drugs Potentiates Anti – Glioblastoma Efficacy of Temozolomide in A Preclinical Orthotopic Xenograft Animal ModelDr. Anitha TS / Dr. SowmyaPathology, MGMCRI, SBV342.73ICMR
4Lipidomic Study to identify potential platelet lipids as biomarker for the early prediction of severe dengue and to assess the role of lipids in platelet dysfunction and dengue pathogenesisDr. Agieshkumar B / Dr. Lokesh SGeneral Medicine, MGMCRI, SBV. CSIR-IICT,Hyderabad.320.2CSIR
5Modern Biology in Health Research (Support to Institute)Dr. Agieshkumar B / Dr. Anitha TS.Various Dept. of MGMCRI,SBV360.72ICMR-DHR

New Approved Projects

S. No.Title of the ProjectPI and CO-PICollaborating Departments / InstitutionsProject DurationGrants in INR (Lakhs)Name of the Funding Agency
1Prototype development of a Point-of-Care Diagnostic Kit based on Novel Dual Species Specific Recombinant Filarial Acetylcholinesterase Antigenic Epitopes for post-MDA Stopping DecisionDr C. Raj Kumar, Dr R. Dhamodharan, Dr Abhijit Poddar, Dr. Sudipta BhowmickEngrave BioLab Pvt. Ltd, Hyderabad3 years60 LDBT-BIRAC, BMGF
2Elucidating the role of selected endothelial proteins and platelet miRNA in dengue pathogenesis using machine learning models and in vitro approachDr. Agieshkumar B / Dr. Siva GreenGeneral Medicine, MGMCRI, SBV, CSIR-IICT, Hyderabad352.2ICMR
3Unveiling the anti-glioma potency of Fucoidin in combination with TMZ in an orthotropic Glioma modelMs. Indrani Biswas / Dr. Anitha TSCIDRF, SBV28.8ICMR
4Evalulation of the synergestic anti cancer efficacy of Metformin and EGCG in combination with TMZ or SOR in a preclinical orthotropic model of GBM and HCCDr. Anitha TSCIDRF, SBV21.2International