This year MGMARI day on December 12, 2023, will be celebrated with week-long scientific and social events

MGMARI is turning 1 on this December 12, 2023!


MGMARI Day 2023

The journey so far was very exciting. The institute as a constituent unit of SBV has grown from scratch with inclusive support from the Management and appointed Staffs. The one year has been impressive as reflected in Institute Impact on overall R&D ecosystem of the University. As envisioned, MGMARI is in constant endeavour in bridging the valley of death that exists between basic and clinical sciences and bringing translational innovations in reality. MGMARI has built organic relations with national, international organizations, intuitions, healthcare establishments, Industries and Start-up.

To acknowledge the journey behind and welcome the road ahead, December 12 of every Calander year will be observed as MGMARI Day.

This year, MGMARI day 2023 will be celebrated with varieties of scientific and social events. These programs will showcase our ambitions and open doors for collaborations and active engagement.

Join with us and take part of the celebration. Let’s share the joy and enter the future together.



Meeting ID: 725 021 8137
Passcode: sbvu