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A Unit of Sri Balaji Vidyapeeth (Deemed to be University)

Accredited by NAAC with highest A++ Grade

Ranked 77 among Universities by NIRF 2023

A UGC Category 1 Higher Education Institution

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RESEARCH training at M.phil level

The M Phil and Ph D scholars are exposed to a Research Methodology Work shop series conducted as a central facility. This programme has been assigned 8 credits.

The M Phil scholars work on two electives (contributing to 8 credits each) leading to the submission of  Monographs which become a part of the assessment.  They are also expected to submit a dissertation leading to a publication carrying 8 credits.


The Centre is one amongst the few Health Sciences Universities in the country which trains scholars for the degree of Ph.D. under the Deanery of Allied Health Sciences. Currently, there are six candidates who are engaged in the Ph.D. programme. Some of them have published papers in indexed journals.


Research Activities in CHPE

Right from inception, CHPE has been emphasizing the role of educational research as a main step towards scholarship development.Educational research is a part and parcel of all programmes starting with PG Diploma to
M Phil and Ph D programmes.

Research Initiation

Every PGDHPE scholar has to work on an educational project and submit a short research project in the form of a project report. The scholars are encouraged to make a presentation of such work during State/National Conferences in the form of poster or verbal presentation. Two credits are assigned for this project. So far 15 scholars have completed such projects.

Some of these projects have led to the changes in the teaching or assessment practices in the concerned department.  For example, a project on Multi-source Feedback has prompted introduction of this tool in formative assessment.


Research Project

Research Project

Research Projects Completed and Ongoing

S.NoName of the CandidateYearProject Title
1Dr. Shivasakthy. M2014 – 2015BDS syllabus prototype - A model for Choice Based Credit System
2Dr. ManojKarthik S. 2014 – 2015Cognitive Level of MBBS General Surgery Question papers – An Analytical Study
3Dr. Suganya M.2014 – 2015Dental student’s perception of the learning environment at SBV based on DREEM tool
4Dr. Vikneshan M.2014 – 2015Relationship between Learning Styles and Academic Performance of Final Year Dental students of IGIDS, SBV
5Dr. Ganesh Babu C.P 2014 – 2015Effectiveness of Case Based Discussion as Teaching Learning Method for Postgraduates
6Dr. Manoharan P.S2014 – 2015Design of an Objective Framework for Internal Assessment for Postgraduates in Prosthodontics
7Dr. Carounanidhy Usha2014 – 2015Multisource Feedback in Dental Post graduation
8Dr. David Livingstone W. 2014 – 2015Effectiveness of case based learning diagnosis, treatment planning and patient communication Skills of dental students
9Dr. R. Kannan2014 – 2015Multisource Feedback of the Residents of Surgical Centre of Mahatma Gandhi Medical College
10Dr. M. Senthil2014 – 2015Efficiency of Flipped Class Room Large Group Teaching in comparison with Traditional Classroom Teaching – A Before and After Comparison Study
11Dr. Jananni Muthu2016 – 2017Assessment of Self Perception of Competencies among Interns of Indira Gandhi Institute of Dental Science
12Dr. Abhijit VinodraoBoratne2016 – 2017Perception of Faculty Members of Community Medicine about “Development of Lesson Plan for Lecture Classes” in Medical Colleges of Pondicherry: A Cross Sectional Study
13Dr. Pramod Kumar GN2016 – 2017Perception of Students Towards Structured Oral Examination (SOE) in Comparison with Conventional Oral Examination (COE) in Forensic Medicine & Toxicology
14Dr. Sakthi Devi. S2016 – 2017Attitude towards Public Health Dentistry as a Career Among Dental Students in Puducherry – A Cross sectional study
15Dr. Sukanto Sarkar2016 – 2017Effect of Case Based Discussion on Attitude of Interns Towards Psychiatry: A Comparative Study
16Dr. Gayathri. S2018 – 2019 Assessment of Medical Student’s perception on Clinical training using standardised Patients in a Medical College at Puducherry
17Dr. Deepikadevi. SN2019 – 2020Analysis of student’s perception on classes and assessment through face-to-face method and online method
18Dr. Anitha Nancy. T2019 – 2020Perception of medical students and faculty for advantages and disadvantages of online assessment compared to traditional method
19Dr. Nalini. YC2019 – 2020Self-reflection of teaching faculties on satisfaction level with their first online teaching in comparison to conventional classroom teaching
20Dr. Jasmine Jaideep Rayapudi2019 – 2020Artificial Intelligence in Health Professional’s Education: A Questionnaire Survey
21Dr. Bhavani. K2019 – 2020A study on effectiveness of interactive large group teaching among medical students – Tertiary care centre Pondicherry
22Dr. Annie Sheeba. J2019 – 2020A Descriptive Analysis of Extended Matching Questions conducted among Anaesthesia Residents
23Dr. Vinayagamoorthy. V2020 – 2021Community – Based Medical Education Models at the global level: A scoping review

MPhil Projects – Monographs & Dissertations

S.NoM Phil ScholarYearProject/Monograph Title
Monograph I
1Dr Navin Rajaratnam2016 – 2018Teaching and assessment of professionalism and ethics in undergraduate medical students
2Dr Suzzane M2016 – 2018Study designs in medical education research
3Ms Jayanthi K2016 – 2018Competency based undergraduate nursing education in mental health
4Dr. K. Swaminathan2018 – 2020E Learning in Medical Education
5Dr. A Kalaivani 2019 – 2021Assessment of e-portfolio in Medical Education
6Dr. S C Abilash2019 – 2021Self-Directed Learning: The Missing link in Enhancing active learning among Undergraduate Medical Students
7Dr. S Shree Lakshmi Devi 2019 – 2021Promoting Self-regulated Learning for slow learners in medical curriculum
8Dr. T Muthukumar2019 – 2021Use of Standardised Patients in Medical Education – Teaching and Learning
9Dr. Prateek Bobhate2019 – 2021Incorporating research in undergraduate medical curriculum: Need of the hour
10Dr. Saurabh Shrivastava2019 – 2021Assessment in competency-based medical education for undergraduate medical students
Monograph II
1Dr Navin Rajaratnam2016 – 2018Feedback on Clinical skills to undergraduate Medical students
2Dr Suzzane M2016 – 2018Application of learning theories to online learning
3Ms Jayanthi K2016 – 2018Mind Mapping in undergraduate Nursing Education
4Dr. K. Swaminathan2018 – 2020Effective Feedback in Medical Education
5Dr. A Kalaivani 2019 – 2021Assessment of Communication Skills in Undergraduate Medical Students
6Dr. S C Abilash2019 – 2021Exploring the Student Centered Learning Techniquest in Undergraduate Medical Curriculum
7Dr. S Shree Lakshmi Devi 2019 – 2021The effectiveness of Faculty development program in ameliorating teaching and professional skills
8Dr. T Muthukumar2019 – 2021Application and assessment of E-learning in Medical undergraduate Teaching
9Dr. Prateek Bobhate2019 – 2021Envisaging the role of community-based education in making of a holistic primary care physician
10Dr. Saurabh Shrivastava2019 – 2021Scope of qualitative research in Medical Education and Public Health
1Dr Navin Rajaratnam2016 – 2018Teaching and learning of ethics and professionalism in undergraduate Medical students
2Dr Suzzane M2016 – 2018An online course on the basics of scientific paper writing
3Ms Jayanthi K2016 – 2018Assessment of Perception change on infinite Mind Mapping learning model among Nursing students in Kasturba Gandhi Nursing College, Puducherry
4Dr. K. Swaminathan2018 – 2020Pathology Postgraduates Linked across net plan a novel web-based learning forum
5Dr. A Kalaivani 2019 – 2021Practices, Perceptions and challenges of Postgraduate Medical students on breaking bad news - a mixed method study
6Dr. S C Abilash2019 – 2021Attitude and perceptions of students towards Self-directed learning in undergraduate Medical Education
7Dr. S Shree Lakshmi Devi 2019 – 2021Needs and Perception of Medical Faculties towards online Faculty Development Programs in Medical Education
8Dr. T Muthukumar2019 – 2021Perception of faculty and students on using standardized patient for clinical teaching - a mixed methods study
9Dr. Prateek Bobhate2019 – 2021Assessment of perceptions, barriers and enablers towards uptake of research activities among Medical Students - a Mixed methods study
10Dr. Saurabh Shrivastava2019 – 2021Perception of faculty towards challenges in teaching and the role of Medical Education workshop in addressing them: Mixed methods study.

Thesis Topics of PhD scholars

S.NoName of CandidateDesignation & CentreYearTitle of Thesis
PhD Awarded
1.       Dr. C.S. SinghConsultant Radiologist, MGMCRI, SBV2013 – 2019Evaluation of Innovative Teaching Methods in Radiology & Imaging Science for Undergraduate Medical Students.
2.       Dr. M. ShivasakthyProfessor, Department of Prosthodontics, IGIDS, SBV.2015 – 2019An investigation of the strategies based on le arning style and Ebbinghaus forgetting curve to improve the academic performance of undergraduate dental Students Needing Additional Curricular Support
3.       Dr. J. Varsha MurthyProfessor, Department of Prosthodontics, IGIDS, SBV.2015 – 2019Effect of Communication Skills of Dentist and Psychological Factors of Edentulous Patients on Acceptability of Complete Dentures
On Going PhD Projects
4.       Mr. S. Tamijeselvam Guide: Dr. B.V. AdkoliIndira Gandhi Govt. General Hospital and Post Graduate Institute2018 – On Going Synopsis submittedCompetency based approach to the teaching and assessment of Radiography students
5.       Dr. Bharathi Guide: Dr. M. ShivasakthyAsian Institute of Medicine, Science and Technology University, Malaysia2019 – On GoingStudents’ perspectives on current curricular gaps in integrated teaching- learning and assessing the outcomes of bridging the gap through enhanced systems integration: A mixed method prospective cohort study
6.       Dr. Rajesh Guide: Dr. M. ShivasakthyAsian Institute of Medicine, Science and Technology University, Malaysia2019 – On GoingGuiding, Monitoring and Assessing learners’ progress in Comprehensive Practical Skills Development and Application – A Mixed Method Approach.
7.       Dr. Abdullah Ansari
Guide: Dr. M. Shivasakthy
Ayaan Institute of Medical Sciences, Telangana2020 – On GoingDevelopment of clinical pharmacology and therapeutics (CPT) training module and assessment of the prescribing competencies among medical students and interns before and after CPT training
8.       Dr. Nalini Y C Guide: Dr. M. ShivasakthyMGMCRI2020 – On GoingAn evaluation of simulation-based small group teaching intervention in selective topics of cardiorespiratory system among first year medical students– a cross over randomized control study
9.       Dr. V Pragadeesh Raja Guide: Dr. M. ShivasakthyShri Sathya Sai Medical College and Research Institute2020 – On GoingDevelopment and evaluation of the effectiveness of Competency based formative assessment tool for the skills in Community Medicine training of undergraduate medical students
10.   Dr. Vijisha Phalgunan Guide: Dr. M. ShivasakthySri Lakshmi Narayana Institute of Medical Science2020 – On GoingDevelopment of a Self-Directed Learning Module in improving Self Directed Learning Skills in Medical Undergraduates