Most frequent questions and answers

FIAGES is a 3 days certification fellowship course conducted by IAGES which has a state of the art of lectures, live / recorded laproscopics workshop and lap trainer sessions with senior faculty and finally assessing the candidates for certification.

Fellowship category is open only for surgeons with MCI recognised MS  / DNB degree and eligible for becoming IAGES members. All non members and surgical post graduates can register only under the non fellowship category / CME.

Candidates with a minimum of 2 years exposure in laparoscopic surgery (includes experience during Postgraduate / resident).

Candidates who are working as faculty in teaching institutions and all surgeons with more than 10-year experience in doing laparoscopy.

You can apply for IAGES membership by logging onto www.iages.in and join IAGES through online payment portal. You should have copy of MBBS / MS / DNB degree and address proof and passport photo to upload them in PDF format online.

Five steps for the fellowship:

  1. First successfully complete the 3 day fellowship course at Pondicherry
  2. Complete the logbook for the required number of cases performed and assisted for the respective course
  3. Log on to iages.in to become IAGES member
  4. Register for IAGES 2024 @ Chennai under fellowship category.
  5. Attend the 3 day conference and convocation to receive the fellowship certificate

Log onto www.iageschennai.com

Register under fellowship category (Rs 10000 inclusive of GST).

Yes, but you can take up the course as Non fellowship  / CME category.

You are not eligible to receive fellowship prior to your surgical qualification.

Kindly Call,

Dr Aditi – 99 41 11 76 67

Dr Soumya – 99 89 39 89 29

Or call 9442577394 for further details