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Workshop on Animal handling, Sampling, and Histopathology

Workshop on Animal handling, Sampling, and Histopathology on 29 &30 Nov.2018

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The workshop conducted for two days and consisted of 7 sessions. The aim and objective of the workshop were

  1. Care, use and handling of the laboratory animals
  2. Drug administration and blood collection.
  3. Sampling and histopathology slide preparation

The 7 sessions were:

    • Lab animal handling and Different routes of drug administration
    • Anaesthesia procedure, dose calculation, and blood collection
    • Euthanasia, Necropsy, and Sample collection for histopathology
    • Identification of samples and Introduction to the automatic tissue processor
    • Introduction to Paraffin embedding station and cold plate.
  • Tissue blocks sectioning (Microtome) and Slide preparation
  • Slide preparation (Staining, Mounting, and Labelling) & Basics of Immunohistochemistry

The total no. of participants was 19 (12 students from outside & 3 in-house students, Faculty-4). Then the first-day workshop started with animal handling and all the participants were confident enough to handle and restraint the animals, oral drug administration, blood collection from retro-orbital plexus and direct cardiac puncture. A demonstration was given for anaesthesia, euthanasia, necropsy and different organ collection from rat (both male and female). The second day began with a guest lecture given by Dr M. G. Nair, Professor and head, Dept. of Veterinary Pathology, RIVER, Puducherry. He gave an overview of how to collect samples and preservation methods for further histopathological analysis. He also explained about various steps involving in tissue processing in histopathology, tissue embedding, sectioning of the paraffin-embedded tissue by microtome, routine hematoxylin and eosin staining, special staining’s which can stain i.e. glycogen, mast cell, collagen etc., The lecture was very inspiring and informative for all the participants.

Most participants mentioned that they would recommend the workshop to their colleagues/students and recommended that more such training workshops should be organized.

In the end, a written test was conducted for the participants to assess their learning capability in the subject. The participants also provided feedback on the training programme and the feedback was encouraging. The participants also made some recommendations.