APPLY FOR 2023 – 2024


Community Mass Singing and Sharing Music Program at Seliamedu Village, Bahour Commune

A mass community singing event was organized in the Seliamedu village at Bahour Commune during which the CMTER team shared, learned and sang together along with the villagers in an attempt to build community, and share culture. The villagers very enthusiastically shared songs which they usually sing during diverse occasions like marriage, grief, praying and working and the CMTER team also sang the preferred and favorite songs of the group participants. The CMTER team also celebrated the New Year with all the children and adults in the community and engaged in a street play. Mass Singing and playing simple rhythmic musical instruments made all the participants very happy and uplifted their moods and spirits. CMTER has begun to strategize about the singing ways to help the participants to overcome the difficulties that they face in every- day life and go forward!