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SBV Center for Health Professions Education

About CHPE

Among the four Centres of excellence established by Sri Balaji Vidyapeeth (Deemed University), the Centre for Health Professions Education (CHPE) is the youngest but perhaps most relevant to the context.  CHPE is an attempt to develop a new cadre of educators, who are empowered with higher qualification, training and leadership skills to handle the future challenges across the health profession. While the health professionals in the future are likely to face a variety of challenges in terms of growing complexities such as knowledge explosion and super- specialization, there is a dire need develop leaders who can build bridges across the health profession – medical, dental, nursing and allied health sciences so as to provide a holistic care to the individuals in diverse settings.  

What is unique about us?

  • We are a pioneer Health Sciences Deemed University  in the country to offer a stream of innovative courses  in health professions education, exclusively based on  Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) recommended by the UGC/NAAC as a path-breaking reform
  • Our courses range from short Certificate Courses, to Diploma in Health Professions Education (PGDHPE), M Phil Program (all credit based), leading to Ph D in health professions education (External and Internal) 
  • We emphasize inter-professional education. We cater to the needs of teachers   (medical, dental, nursing and allied health sciences)   who wish to  pursue higher degree in health professions education and  develop educational scholarship.
  • There is tremendous flexibility in pursuing these courses based on CBCS pattern. One can enter or exit at various levels, depending upon the availability of time and career aspiration. 
  • All our courses are based on “Heutagogy model” in which the participants are self-determined and pursue collaborative learning.

Vision of CHPE

To emerge as one of the leaders in Health Professions Education in the country


  • To develop a cadre of health professions educators and leaders across the health profession, who are competent and willing to meet the future challenges in the health sector  [Core value – Innovation]
  • To support faculty development programs across SBV Institutes  [Core  value -Leadership]
  • To emerge as one of the Centres of Excellence in Health Professions Education in the country by promoting faculty development, educational research, networking and scholarly activities in HPE  [Core value – Excellence]
  • To foster inter-professional education in health profession  [Core  value –Team work/ Collaboration]

Core Values:

Our core values are – Innovation,  Leadership, Excellence and Collaboration and Team work

Infrastructure and Resources

The Centre of Health Professions Education enjoys an excellent physical infrastructure in the form of a full floor (Total area 6000 sqft) of the teaching annexe devoted to the Centre of HPE and Medical Education Unit, for achieving better synchronization of all academic activities.

  • One big hall which can be used for large or small groups, with projection facility, internet WIFI
  • One Seminar Room with projection facility, internet WIFI
  • Four rooms for small group discussion
  • Facilities for locating OSCE/OSPE stations
  • Access to a Comprehensive Medical Skills Centre (MSC) and Simulation Lab  as a Central Facility of SBV (DU)
  • Access to a state of the art IT Facility including videoconferencing, webinars and Learning Management Systems (LMS) developed inhouse
  • AV aids including black/white boards, flip charts, overhead projectors, LCD projector, computers with printers, photocopier and internet connection
  • In-house Library with essential books in Medical Education besides access to e-books and other resources through Central Library which has excellent collection of books, journals, and e-resources.

Work Force – Faculty and Staff

CHPE enjoys the services of some of the senior-most medical educators in the country. In addition, it draws qualified mid-level faculty from various constituent units of SBV (MGMCRI, SSSMCRI, IGIDS, and CIDRF) who are well  trained in health professions education to give an inter-professional flavor.

Prof B.V. Adkoli, who is the Director of CHPE has long years of experience in NTTC, JIPMER, and  Centre for Medical Education & Technology (CMET) at AIIMS, New Delhi. He has served as a faculty of Foundation of Advancement of International Medical Education & Research (FAIMER) Regional Institute, CMC Ludhiana which organizes Fellowship programs in medical education in India.   He is also associated with Academy of Health Professions Educators (AHPE), India, as the member of Executive Committee.  AHPE organizes National Conferences in Health Professions Education annually.  Further, he is also an Internationally Accredited Educator for Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS) India which is affiliated to American College of Surgeons, which promotes trauma care education across the globe.   

Prof N. Ananthakrishnan, who is currently the Dean of Faculty of SBV (DU) is an eminent medical educator in the country who functions as a  core faculty of CHPE . He was instrumental in starting National Teacher Training Centre (NTTC) at JIPMER, Pondicherry. He has served as the Chairman of the Post Graduate Education Committee appointed by the BOG of MCI to revamp  Post Graduate  Medical Education Curriculum. He has also popularized  a Competency Based Teaching and Learning (COBALT) model which has been copyrighted by the SBV (DU).  

Prof K. A. Narayan who was earlier Professor of Community Medicine at JIPMER is closely associated with training activities of SBV (DU) and DHPE. He has specialized in public health, epidemiology, biostatistics, computer assisted learning,  disaster preparedness and research methodology in general. He is a trainer par excellence in technical  as well as  soft-skills.

Dr M Shivasakthy, who has been appointed as the Deputy Director of CHPE is a Professor of Orthodontics at the IGIDS. She is one of the alumni of CHPE (PGDHPE) who has been pursuing Ph D Degree. Besides winning international awards and publications she has to her credit, copyrights and a patent for an Apps device for helping slow learners.

Prof P.F. Kotur, Former Vice Chancellor of Devraj Urs Deemed to be University is currently the Dean of SSSMCRI. With his rich experience in Evidence Based Medicine, he collaborates CHPE as an adjunct faculty. He is a recognized Ph D Guide.

Prof Krishna Seshadri, who is Senior Consultant Endocrinology and Diabetes, Chennai is a visiting Professor to SBV (DU). He has interest and experience in curricular development especially integrated curriculum for the medical school. He has created and conducted programs in medical education and faculty development. Dr Seshadri has also developed an unique distance education program for family physicians. He has contributed to a national program in medical ethics now implemented by the MCI – called AETCOM. Also has  been part of the reconciliation board of the MCI that is now rolling out the competency based curriculum. Dr Seshadri has also helped develop leadership and strategy for education and health care organisations

CHPE Team Director

Dr. B.V. Adkoli
M Sc., M Med Ed (Dundee)., Ph D., Professor of Health Professions Education

Core Faculty
Dr. M. Shivasakthy M.D.S., PGDHPE., PhD Scholar, Professor, Dept. of Prosthodontics, IGIDS, Deputy Director, CHPE Prof. N. Ananthakrishnan MS.,DNBE.,FRCS., FAMS.,FICS.,FACS.,FACG.,FIMSA Dean Faculty, S.B.V. (DU) Prof. K.A. Narayan MD., DPH., Consultant, SBV (DU) 
Dr Sukanto Sarkar, Associate Professor, Dept of Psychiatry, PGDHPE (SBV) Dr M Jananni, Associate Professor, IGIDS, PGDHPE (SBV) Dr Abhijit Boratne, Professor of Community Medicine, PGDHPE (SBV)
Dr N Mangaiyarkarasi, Senior Scientist, CIDRF, SBV Ph D, M Ed, Senior Scientist Dr. Rajasekar.S Professor & Head, Dept of Anatomy, MGMCRI FAIMER Fellow (From PSG Institute of Medical Sciences & Research, Coimbatore) and NTTC (JIPMER) trained Dr. Joseph Philipraj Professor of Urology, MGMCRI FAIMER Fellow, Seth GS MC, Mumbai NTTC (JIPMER) trained 
Dr Sakthi Devi, Senior Lecturer, IGIDS, PGDHPE  (SBV)    
Prof. P.F. Kotur, Dean,  SSSMCRI, Ph D in Medical Education, Former Vice Chancellor, Devraj Urs Deemed University, Karnataka Recognized Guide for Medical Education Dr. Karthika Jayakumar,  Prof & Head, Dept of Microbiology, SSSMCRI MCI Advance Course* Dr.Vijay Koutilaya, Asso.Prof, Dept of Forensic Medicine, SSSMCRI MCI Advance Course*

Milestones reached by the Centre

2013 – Ground Work 

  • Establishment of SBV Academy for Health Professions Education And Development (SBV AHEAD)
  • National Seminar on Recent Advances in Health Professional Education 19/7/2013(10 CME Credit Points) – Special Issue of Annals of SBV (January – June 2013)
  • May 2013 to March 2014: Systematic fortnightly ToT on Educational Science for Dental educators of IGIDS over 9 months followed by the selection of Core Group for DEU (“The Navarathnas”) to undergo Master Training in conducting Faculty Development programmes.

2014 – The start up

  • Launching of PG Diploma in Health Professions Education
  • National Expert Committee meeting on 23/5/2014 to formulate guidelines on “Objectivising Examinations in MBBS Course” for placing it before MCI for consideration.
  • Enrolled first batch of Ph D


  • Shifting of PGDHPE to Credit-Based PGDHPE and Designing M Phil


  • Completion of first batch of PGDHPE (10)
  • Launching of M Phil first batch (7)
  • National Conference on Changing Trends in Health Professions Education – NC CTHPE 18-20/8/2016(30 CME Credit Points by (TNMGRMU )
  • Formal establishment of Centre of Health Professions Education


  • Special Issue of Annals of SBV January on HPE: January – June 2017
  • National Conference on Motivation, Inspiration and Millennial’s Engagement Conference (MIME-CON 2017) (10 CME Credit points) 16/9/2017 in collaboration with Medical Education Unit, MGMCRI


  • Completion of second batch of PGDHPE
  • ICON 2018 Authentic Learning Experiences for the 21st Century Medicos organized by MEU, MGMCRI in   collaboration  29-30, June 2018


  • Submission stage of two Ph D thesis  and Synopsis of two Ph D scholars
  • Completion of first M Phil batch subject to final assessment 

Credit-Based Programs in Health Professions Education

At the entry level we have four Certificate Courses each carrying 6 credits and of three months (12 weeks duration).  One can choose to exit with one or more Certificates or continue PGDHPE Degree which has 26 Credits. The credits earned for Certificate courses (6×4 =24) are transferred to PGDHPE. The requirements for PGDHPE are formal exams, portfolio (2 credits), mini-project and viva. (Hence, the total number of credits for PGDHPE are 26)

With PGDHPE or equivalent degree from outside, one can enter M Phil program of two years on a part-time mode.

The unique features of our courses

  • Designed in a Heutagogy model in which learners are empowered to teach and learn
  • Use of blended learning approach – Contact sessions are combined with web-based learning and e-learning – Extensive use of LMS/google groups, whatsapp interactions, collaborative learning, sharing of  resources, assignments, projects linked with  work-place based learning.
  • Intensive role modeling and mentoring by senior most educators combined with portfolio and feedback
  • Assessment based on Multi-Source Feedback including formal exam, peer assessment and portfolio based assessment.

PGDHPE involves a study of one year including direct contact sessions as well as web-discussions, combined with a comprehensive assessment at the end of each semester.   Further, a comprehensive portfolio and a mini-project are a part of the final assessment. The contact sessions are held during the week-end or as per the convenience of participants.

Two batches of PGDHPE (total 15) participants have been trained so far. From these, four candidates have moved to M.Phil and two have moved to Ph.D

M Phil course is of two years duration on a part-time mode. Year 1 study includes study of Core Educational Technology, Research Methodology and two electives leading to the submission of monographs.  Year 2 study includes a comprehensive research project leading to the dissertation besides submission of a comprehensive portfolio. Six scholars are presently pursuing M Phil.

Awards and Honors

Dr. M. Shivasakthy, Deputy Director, Centre. of Health Professions Education received Best Paper Award for “Value the Formative Assessment for it values the student outcome- A historic Cohort study on dental undergraduate students in India” at 4th International conference on teaching and education science (ICTES 2017), 23.06.17 to 25.06.17 held at Penang, Malaysia.

Research activities in HPE

Right from inception, CHPE has been emphasizing the role of educational research as a main step towards scholarship development. Educational research is a part and parcel of all programs starting with PG Diploma to M Phil and Ph D programs.

Research Initiation

Every PGDHPE scholar has to work on an educational project and submit a short research project in the form of a project report. The scholars are encouraged to make a presentation of such work during State/National Conferences in the form of poster or verbal presentation. Two credits are assigned for this project. So far 15 scholars have completed such projects.

Some of these projects have led to the changes in the teaching or assessment practices in the concerned department.  For example, a project on Multi-source Feedback has prompted introduction of this tool in formative assessment. 

 PGDHPE Projects 2014 – 2015 & 2016 – 2017

S.No. Name of the Candidate Project Title
1 Dr. Manoharan P.S Design of an Objective Framework for Internal Assessment for Postgraduates in Prosthodontics
2 Dr. Suganya M. Dental student’s perception of the learning environment at SBV based on DREEM tool
3 Dr. Shivasakthy. M BDS syllabus prototype – A model for Choice Based Credit System
4 Dr. Vikneshan M. Relationship between Learning Styles and Academic Performance of Final Year Dental students of IGIDS, SBV
5 Dr. Ganesh Babu C.P Effectiveness of Case-Based Discussion as Teaching-Learning Method for Postgraduates
6 Dr. ManojKarthik S. Cognitive Level of MBBS General Surgery Question papers – An Analytical Study
7 Dr. Carounanidhy Usha Multisource Feedback in Dental Post graduation
8 Dr. David Livingstone W. Effectiveness of case-based learning diagnosis, treatment planning and patient communication Skills of dental students
9 Dr. R. Kannan Multisource Feedback of the Residents of Surgical Centre of Mahatma Gandhi Medical College
10 Dr. M. Senthil Efficiency of Flipped Class Room Large Group Teaching in comparison with Traditional Classroom Teaching – A Before and After Comparison Study
11 Dr. JananniMuthu Assessment of Self Perception of Competencies among Interns of Indira Gandhi Institute of Dental Science
12 Dr. Abhijit VinodraoBoratne Perception of Faculty Members of Community Medicine about “Development of Lesson Plan for Lecture Classes” in Medical Colleges of Pondicherry: A Cross-Sectional Study
13 Dr. Pramod Kumar GN Perception of Students Towards Structured Oral Examination (SOE) in Comparison with Conventional Oral Examination (COE) in Forensic Medicine & Toxicology
14 Dr. Sakthi Devi. S Attitude towards Public Health Dentistry as a Career Among Dental Students in Puducherry – A Cross-sectional study
15 Dr. Sukanto Sarkar Effect of Case-Based Discussion on Attitude of Interns Towards Psychiatry: A Comparative Study

Research Training at MPhil level 

The M Phil and Ph D scholars are exposed to a Research Methodology Work shop series conducted as a central facility. This program has been assigned 8 credits.

The M Phil scholars work on two electives (contributing to 8 credits each) leading to the submission of  Monographs  which become a  part of the assessment.  They are also expected to submit a dissertation leading to a publication carrying 8 credits.

List of M Phil Monograph

Sl.No M Phil Scholar Project/Monograph  Title
1 Dr C.P. Ganesh Babu     A review of microteaching with special reference to its applicability to the medical students
2 Dr R. Kannan Relevance of flipped classrooms
3 Dr Navin R Teaching and assessment of professionalism and ethics in undergraduate medical students
4 Ms Jayanthi K Competency-based undergraduate nursing education in mental health
5 Ms Elavarasi R Strategies for imparting skill learning in nursing education
6 Dr Niranjan G The integrated teaching in medical schools and the current global scenario
7 Dr Suzzane M Study designs in medical education research

Ph D Program

The Centre is one amongst the few Health Sciences Universities in the country which trains scholars for the degree of Ph.D. under the Deanery of Allied Health Sciences. Currently, there are six candidates who are engaged in the Ph.D. program. Some of them have published papers in indexed journals.

Thesis Topics of Ph.D. scholars  

Name of Candidate Designation & Centre Title of Thesis
Dr. Ramesh (Prof &HOD) Bio-Chemistry, MGMCRI, SBV Relationship between Non-cognitive variables, academic performance, and Teaching – Learning methods among low achievers in Biochemistry.
Dr. C.S. Singh Consultant Radiologist, MGMCRI, SBV     Evaluation of Innovative Teaching Methods in Radiology & Imaging Science for Undergraduate Medical Students.
Dr. V.N. Mahalakshmi Vice Principal – Academics, MGMCRI, SBV     Item Marking and Post Validation of Assessment outcomes in medical education.
Dr. M. Shivasakthy Professor, Dept of Prosthodontics, IGIDS, SBV     Effectiveness of learning style analysis, guidance and counseling and memory based tools in improving the pass percentage of I BDS students – A longitudinal quasi-experimental study.
Dr. P.S. Monoharan (Prof &HOD) Dept of Prosthodontics, IGIDS, SBV   Effectiveness of modified SPICES model of internship training programme for dental graduates
Dr. J. Varsha Murthy (Under Faculty of Dentistry)   Professor, Department of Prosthodontics,                           IGIDS, Pondicherry.       Effect of Communication Skills of Dentist and Psychological Factors of Edentulous Patients on Acceptability of Complete Dentures  

Copyrights applied in the area of Health Professions Education

S.No Title Authors Diary Number
 1 Cobalt –  Competency Based Learning and Training program (COBALT) for Postgraduates in medicine Dr.N. Ananthakrishnan 8916/2017-CO/L
 2 SBV STEPS – Process of Integrated Preclinical Curriculum Development Dr. V. N. Mahalakshmi 8926/2017-CO/L
 3 The He.A.R.T –Health Appraisal by Rapid Techniques for First MBBS students ( A module on Community based Experiential Learning) Dr. N. Seetharaman 8959/2017-CO/L
 4 The CReAMS –for Second MBBS students ( A Hospital based Experiential module on System based practice) Dr. V. N. Mahalakshmi 8930/2017-CO/L
 5 MGMCRI guidelines for Recruitment and training of standardized patients from the community for medical students training Dr. V. N. Mahalakshmi 8960/2017-CO/L
 6 Security and Unique design features of SBV examinations answer booklet Dr. V. N. Mahalakshmi 8961/2017-CO/L
 7 SBV POLO – Process of Post Validation of learning outcomes Dr. V. N. Mahalakshmi 9024/2017-CO/L
 8 Clinical 250 Dr. V. N. Mahalakshmi 9026/2017-CO/L
 9 STRAP –SNACS – The SBV initiative (The STRAtegic Pathway for Students Needing Additional Curricular Support  – The SBV initiative) Dr. M. Shivasakthy 9030/2017-CO/L
 10 SBV /IGIDS –CB-CRESIDENT (Choice Based CREdit System In Dentistry) Dr.M. Shivasakthy 9089/2017-CO/L
 11 SBV/IGIDS – SCORE model (Systematic Competency ORiented Education model) for interns Dr. P. S. Manoharan 9133/2017-CO/L
12 SBV-EPICS (Sri BalajiVidyapeeth-Evidence-Based Personalized Imparting of Communication Skills) Dr. Varsha Murthy 9257/2017-CO/L
 13 SBV-Practice Oriented- Peer Review for Prosthodontics, (SBV-PrO-PReP) Dr. Varsha Murthy 9258/2017-CO/L
 14 7 C’S Multidisciplinary Teaching –  Learning Framework  – KGNC Model Dr. Renuka K  9260/2017-CO/L
 15 KGNC’s  INFINITI –  Mind Mapping Learning   Model Dr. Renuka K 9262/2017-CO/L
 16 Designing and Implementation of Innovative Curriculum for PGDHPE at SBV University Pondicherry Dr. K.A. Narayan 9306/2017-CO/L
 17 Designing and Implementation of Innovative Curriculum for M. Phil at SBV University Pondicherry Dr. K.A. Narayan 9307/2017-CO/L


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Book Chapters Published:

Ramesh R, Ananthakrishnan N. “Results” In, “Writing and Publishing a Scientific Research Paper” Parija SC, Kate V, Eds, Springer, Singapore, 2017;61-74.



CHPE by virtue of its presence of all health profession institutes (medical, dental, nursing and allied health sciences colleges under Sri Balaji Vidyapeeth,  is fully equipped to network, collaborate and share knowledge not only across the SBV campus, but also at the State and National levels.  

Prof N. Ananthakrishnan, who was one of the core faculty of National Teacher Training Centre (NTTC), JIPMER has been extensively consulted by various medical colleges, for   developing Competency Based Curriculum and designing assessment strategies including framing of MCQs and Item Analysis.  He has popularized a Competency Based Teaching and Learning (COBALT) model which has been copyrighted by the SBV (DU).  

Dr B.V. Adkoli with long years of experience in NTTC, JIPMER, Centre for Medical Education & Technology (CMET) at AIIMS, New Delhi has a strong presence in health professions education at the national level.   He has been requested by top institutes in the country (AIIMS, Rishikesh, Delhi Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research, under  Delhi Administration) for conducting workshops on Faculty Development, in medical education. He has acted as Peer Assessor for NAAC related assessment and accreditation activities of  Datta Meghe Institute of Medical Sciences (DMIMS), Wardha, Maharashtra and a Resource Person for a National Conference on Quality Benchmarks  organized by Chettinad Academy for Research and Education.  Prof B.V. Adkoli is also an Internationally Accredited Educator for Instructor Course in Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS).

Dr K A Narayan, has been involved in consultancy activities related to research methodology, program evaluation, and public health education & research. He has served as Consultant for conducting an end-term evaluation of the grant “Support to the Sankara Academy of Vision (SAV) of Sankara Eye Care Institutions, to Sri Kanchi Kamakoti Medical Trust, Coimbatore (SKKMT)” by Sir Ratan Tata Trust (SRTT). He was also External Evaluator for the action taken by Health Sector in response to the epidemic of diarrhoeal diseases in Karaikal, Team leader for the post tsunami relief operations in Karaikal and Pondicherry, Peer reviewer  for the Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education and Research, Chandigarh under the chairmanship of Director JIPMER, Team member for the high power committee for making JIPMER a centre of excellence and Tenth Plan Proposals 2002 – 2007 and Programme Evaluator for the Intensive Pulse Polio Immunization Programme for Pondicherry District under UIP.  

Potential Areas of Collaboration

DHPE is exploring unchartered areas of knowledge that is of relevance to the future context. Exploring blended learning approach for enabling all health professionals to promote educational scholarship, motivating faculty to pursue Discipline Based Educational Research (DBER), developing models that foster transformative learning, redefining the competencies in health profession in tune with ‘salutogenesis’ and Mind Body Medicine are some of the areas in which we would be seeking collaboration with individuals and institutes across any part of India or abroad. 

 Consultancy activities within the SBV (DU)  

CHPE faculty are the driving force for organizing various faculty development activities of Medical Education Units (MEU) of MGMCRI and SSSMCRI (Off-campus medical college), Dental Education Unit (DEU) of IGIDS, Nursing Education Unit (NEU) of Kasturba Gandhi Nursing College (KGNC) besides Allied Health Sciences faculty.  Our faculty are actively involved in planning faculty development initiatives. They provide Resource Persons, technical know-how and the learning resources for various activities, besides venue and audiovisual media support as needed.  

Some of the areas of expertise are organizing faculty development programs for supporting innovative curricula, adoption of CBCS pattern recommended by the NAAC, sensitizing faculty for competency based medical education recommended by the MCI, development of professionalism, sensitizing about AETCOM Modules, communication skills and conflict management, microteaching and interactive teaching, utilizing e-learning, simulation pedagogy and many other areas of current interest in health professions education. 

CHPE faculty have played a key role in organizing institute-wide faculty development for sensitizing PG faculty in introducing Competency Based Learning and Teaching (COBALT), which is a unique experiment in the country which is being copyrighted.  

Similarly, they lead or collaborate almost all the faculty development programs organized by the medical education unit from time to time. The Medical Education Unit of MGMCRI is actively engaged in organizing programs right from UG level (example communication skills), Interns (sensitization followed by training in specific areas), Post-graduates (PG Protocol writing, PG Pedagogy, Dissertation writing), Faculty members (Microteaching, assessment strategies) and PG Faculty (CBME, Multi-Source Feedback and e-portfolio approach). Similarly,  Dental Education and Nursing Education Units are involved in Faculty Development Activities which are supported by the CHPE Faculty. 

Workshops for training in research methodology  

The Centre participates and supports a special series of Workshops on Research Methodology consisting of 25 weeks with extensive ‘hands on’ (carrying 8 credit points)  introduced by the Deanery of Research   for training the Residents, M Phil and Ph D scholars across the constituent colleges.  

List of Consultancies/Resource Persons provided by Faculty of Dept of Health Professions Education during 2015-16, 2016-17 and 2018-19  

Financial Year 2015-16 
Sr No.   Name of the Faculty  Consultancy Activity  Date 
Prof B.V. Adkoli  Resource Person, National Conference on Health Professions Education (NCHPE-2015)   Maulana Azad Medical College, New Delhi   18-21, November 2015    
Prof K.R. Sethuraman   Resource Person, National Conference on Health Professions Education (NCHPE-2015)   Maulana Azad Medical College, New Delhi   18-21, November 2015    
Prof K.A. Narayan  Consultant for KIMST University for development of MPH Program  October –  Dec 2015 
Prof K.A. Narayan  End Term Evaluation of the grant Support to the Sankara Academy of Vision (SAV) – Sankara Eye Care Institutions, Sri Kanchi Kamakoti Medical Trust, Coimbatore (SKKMT) by Sir Ratan Tata Trust (SRTT)  2015-2016  
Prof K.R Sethuraman  Guest Oration for Medical Education Technology Conference (METCON 2016) held at Gandhi Medical College, Hyderabad  30/1/2016  
Prof K.R Sethuraman  Resource Person for National Medical Education Conference (MECON 2016) organized by the JSS Medical College, Mysuru   26th to 28th February 2016. 
Prof  B.V. Adkoli  Resource Person for National Medical Education Conference (MECON 2016) organized by the JSS Medical College, Mysuru   26th to 28th February 2016. 
Prof B.V. Adkoli  Chaired a session on National Conference on Chronobiology and Health organized by the Department of Physiology   18-19, March 2016. 
Prof K R Sethuraman   Key note address  on National Conference on Chronobiology and Health organized by the Department of Physiology   18-19, March 2016. 
Consultancy Activities  for the financial year 2016-17 
Prof B. V. Adkoli  Moderated a panel discussion during National Conference organized by the Centre for Yoga Training, Education & Research (CYTER)    21, June 2016.     
Prof N. Ananthakrishnan   Chief guest and Key note speaker for the  8th South Indian Medical Students’ Conference – SIMSCON 2016 organized by Sri Manukula Vinayagar Medical College and Hospital (SMVMCH)   on 29th July 2016.    
Prof  B.V. Adkoli,    Resource Person for 8th South Indian Medical Students’ Conference – SIMSCON 2016 organized by Sri Manukula Vinayagar Medical College and Hospital (SMVMCH)   on 29th July 2016.    
Prof K R. Sethuraman  Key note speaker for Chettinad Medical College, TN.   7/10/2016 
Prof Prof N. Ananthakrishnan  Resource Person for the Medical Education Conference ( MEDUCON 2016)  organized by the NTTC, JIPMER   13-14, October 2016 
Prof K R. Sethuraman  Resource Person for the Medical Education Conference ( MEDUCON 2016)  organized by the NTTC, JIPMER  13-14, October 2016 
Prof B.V. Adkoli,  Resource Person for the Medical Education Conference ( MEDUCON 2016)  organized by the NTTC, JIPMER  13-14, October 2016 
Prof K.A. Narayan  Resource Person for the Medical Education Conference ( MEDUCON 2016)  organized by the NTTC, JIPMER  13-14, October 2016 
 9  Prof K R. Sethuraman  Guest Lecture for OMEGA Conference, PSIM, Dr NTR UHS, Vijayawada, AP.    10/12/2016 
10  Prof N. Ananthakrishnan  Guest Lecture for OMEGA Conference, PSIM, Dr NTR UHS, Vijayawada, AP.  10/12/2016 
11  Prof K R. Sethuraman  Resource Person for the   Educational Research International Conclave (ERICON 2017) held at Datta Meghe Institute of Medical Sciences (D.U.), Sawangi, Nagpur   Feb 2017 
12  Prof N. Ananthakrishnan  Resource Person for the   Educational Research International Conclave (ERICON 2017) held at Datta Meghe Institute of Medical Sciences (D.U.), Sawangi, Nagpur   Feb 2017 
Consultancy Activities  for the financial year 2017-18 
Prof  B.V. Adkoli  External Peer Assessor for Academic, Administrative & Assessment Audit (AAA) for  Datta Meghe Institute of Medical Sciences, DMIMS(DU),  Sawangi, Wardha      22nd & 23rd August, 2017.    
Prof K. R. Sethuraman  Resource Person, National Workshop on Millennials’ Inspiration, Motivation and Engagement (MIMECON 2017)   by the Medical Education Unit of MGMCRI   16th September 2017. 
Prof B.V. Adkoli  Chairperson for Motivation and Engagement (MIMECON 2017)   by the Medical Education Unit of MGMCRI  16th September 2017 
Prof N. Ananthakrishnan  Chairperson for Motivation and Engagement (MIMECON 2017)   by the Medical Education Unit of MGMCRI  16th September 2017 
Prof K. R. Sethuraman  Key note speaker, South Zone API Conference, Thoothukudi, TN   2016-17 
Prof B.V. Adkoli  Resource person for three day Faculty Development workshop  for the faculty of  AIIMS, Rishikesh  27-29th November 2017 
Prof K. R. Sethuraman  METCON-2018 at Hyderabad for a Keynote presentation on CBME  5th -6th Jan 2018 
Prof K. R. Sethuraman  IMSA conference at SVIMS, Puducherry: keynote address on “Skill Learning in MBBS: need of the Hour”.    21.02.18 
Prof B.V. Adkoli  Resource Person for the Workshop on Effective Teaching organized by Delhi Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research – part of AICTE sponsored XXV Quality Improvement Program.  8th  March, 2018 
10  Prof K. R. Sethuraman  IQAC consultancy visit: NAAC awareness training for PIMS Faculty  24.01.18 
Consultancy Activities  for the financial year 2018-19 
Prof K. R. Sethuraman  FORESEE Education Conference at SRMC,    Keynote Address on Competency based UG Education  7/4/2018 
Prof K. R. Sethuraman  Promoting salutogenesis among Employees at Tata Motors Hospital, Jamshedpur  21/4/2018 
Prof K. R. Sethuraman  Talk on Ethics of Teaching & thoughts in Apollo Inst. of Medical  Sciences , Chittor, AP  9/6/2018 
Prof B.V. Adkoli  Resource Person and Educator  for  2 (Two) ATLS Instructor Courses organized by King George’s Medical University, UP, Lucknow  6/8/2018 to 8/8/2018       
Prof B.V. Adkoli  Resource Person/ Educator  for  10th Edition Update of ATLS Instructors Course , Workshop held at RML Hospital New Delhi   20/10/2018  
Prof B.V. Adkoli   Meeting of E.C. of the Academy of Health Professions Education and Moderator for the National Conference on Health Professions Education (NCHPE-2018) held at NPK Salve Medical College, Nagpur, Maharashtra  16-17/11/2018 
Prof N Ananthakrishnan  Guest Lecture and Resource Faculty for Seth GS Medical College, Mumbai   10/8/2018 
Prof B.V. Adkoli  Panelist for the IQAC National Conference organized by Chettinad Academy, at Kelambakkam, Chennai on 15th December 2018.   15/12/2018