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NAAC Data Portal - 2020

Criterion III – Research, Innovations and Extension

3.5 Consultancy
3.5.2 Revenue generated from advisory / R&D consultancy projects(exclude Patients consultancy) including Clinical trials during the last five years
Total amount generated from consultancy year-wise during the last five years (INR in lakhs)
Data Requirements for last five years:
  • Names of the consultants
  • Name of consultancy projects including Clinical trials
  • Consulting/Sponsoring agency with contact details
  • Revenue generated (amount in INR in lakhs per project)
  • Total revenue generated in INR in lakhs
  • Audited statements of accounts indicating the revenue generated through consultancy/clinical trials
  • CA certified copy/Finance Officer Certified copy attested by head of the institute  (Refer annexure number -01)
  • List of consultants and revenue generated by them (Data Template)
  • Any other relevant information