Visit to Rathna Special School, Life Health Center for Rural Rehabilitation and Development in Alapakkam, Chidambaram District


The music therapy event was an attempt to empower the children with disabilities through music, movement, and playing of musical instruments program. A proposal was placed to the coordinator in the school to offer a very safe and non-threatening environment through music to enhance self-expression, encourage creativity and self-expression. The CMTER team met the other staff and therapists (special educators, occupational therapists and speech therapists) working in the school to explore the possibilities of integrating this program efficiently and regularly in their learning environment with the goal to enhance physical and psycho-social growth of the children housed in the school. The school authorities thanked CMTER for the initiative and welcomed CMTER to visit the school regularly for music therapy programs from Jan’ 2015. The SBV university approved this program to be an on-going one from Jan’ 2015, not only as a community project but also as a way to provide opportunities to the music therapy students to learn to work with this population as a part of internship training offered during the PGDMT program from CMTER.