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As a part of the annual Skill Enhancement Programme 2015 for the alumni of IGIDS, showcased Prosthodontics with its intensive two day module on fixed partial dentures with the central theme – Principles and Practice of Fixed Partial Prosthodontics on 18th and 19th of March 2015. The programme was planned to have a series of lectures and live demo on typodonts and on patients for an all ceramic and a metal crown preparation. Sixteen participants registered and 15 participants turned up for the programme. The first day had a series of four lectures on the principles and armamentarium in the morning session. The afternoon session had live demo with hands on typodont teeth for ceramic and metal restorations. The second day had a series of five lectures on provisionalisation, impression making shade selection, gingival retraction and cementation. The later part of the forenoon started with the participants doing crown preparation on patients root canal treated teeth. Various situations demanding metal ceramic, metal restorations were distributed randomly to the participants. All crown preparations were carefully guided by the faculty. Later all the preparations were provisionalised using direct technique. Shade was selected and Impressions were made with elastomeric impression materials which were guided by faculty on one to one basis. The patients were all planned to be followed up till the final restoration. The alumni also had a feedback which showed that they were immensely happy with the programme. Special highlight was hands on experience on patients. The certificates for the participants were given on the next day at the alumni get together – Confluence 15. The programme is also credited for 12 DCI credit points.